Changelog M1


- Version 10.0.1:


* Fixed a bug in the phone validation for UK phone numbers


- Version 10.0.0:


* Fixed an issue with the cURL version


* Removed token creation from MyAccount

* Updated Opayo URLs

Some Chrome users might experience redirection issues when trying to complete an order, in these cases we recommend changing the same site cookies value. You can follow our guide in order to change this value.


- Version 4.2.26:


* Adds 3Dv2 fields required for Paypal Express



- Version 4.2.25:


* Issue with cronjob sagepaysuite_sync_trndata_fromapi
* Issue with server MOTO
* New order emails not always sending with Server and Save Order Before enabled.



- Version 4.2.24:


* Bad object in payment controller
* 'COFUsage field is missing' error message when purchasing with a Credit Card Token
* Updating Repeat compatibility with Protocol 4.00


- Version 4.2.23:


* PI not checking bank response when creating order after 3D
* "Prevent Invoicing" setting not working properly
* Direct and PI losing session quote when using 3D
* Display fraud scores for FSG & ReD in order detail page
* Use valid transaction types


- Version 4.2.22:


* Update correct table when using Check 3rd Man button at order page
* Order processed when transaction is declined by the bank with PI integration
* Error registering the transaction with PI, invalid transaction type 


- Version 4.2.21:

* Compatibility with FSG

* Enhance fraud checks (avoid multiples calls from being made on every order details page and changes for Opayo's fraud update)

* Cart is not cleared after completing a PI with 3D order
* Token having no customer related or a wrong one
* DIRECT with 3D and Token redirecting the customer to cart
* Checkout reloading when using token and pressing add new card
* Multiple orders created by pressing browser's back button when using FORM
* Server not invoicing Authorize and Capture orders


- Version 4.2.20:

* Form losing quote on session
* Multiple callbacks received with FORM.
* browserIP and browserColorDepth issue with SCA
* "Access Denied" error when trying to save module's config
* Repeat with PI on 3DSv2 (Protocol 4.00)
* Duplicate callback received from SagePay


- Version 4.2.19:

* Call to undefined method Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Model_Server_Notify_PreSaveEnable::loadCustomerById()
* "Cannot match the MD5 Hash" with SERVER + 3DSv2
* Catalog Price Rules not applied on PI MOTO orders
* Session quote lost causing PayPal to fail on complete action
* Customer already exist problem with OSC


- Version 4.2.18:

* Problems loading data from session.
* Minimum and Maximum total for PI.

* Order grid status not being updated for SERVER orders.
* Sometimes PI and Defer requires sync from api in order to be able to create invoice.
* PI DropIn letting you continue when there's no card.


- Version 4.2.17:

* Create feed for new releases.
* Remove PI not compatible with OSC message.
* Orphan transaction: Recover address details from transaction when not available in quote.
* Direct frontend errors are not displayed.

* Issue with SERVER MOTO and SUPEE-11314.
* Payment variable set as a quote.
* Problems with amounts PI + Drop in and Defer when products have decimals.
* Cancel orders with "Pending" status when payment is not completed.
* Server MOTO orders no being refunded when order creation fails.
* PI - Going back to shipping step on checkout breaks process.
* Problem with promo codes and SERVER integration.

- Version 4.2.16:

* Server iframe superposition with keyboard on touch devices with Safari "Request desktop website on all websites" setting enabled.

Bug Fixes:
* Problem with SERVER integration and virtual products
* SERVER sending duplicate order confirmation emails
* PhpSerialize error on checkout when site is compiled
* Incorrect amounts displayed in order when using other currency

- Version 4.2.15:
Fully compatible with SCA and 3Dv2

* Remove Load Payment Form button when choosing PI + Drop In payment method
* Cancel button on credit card details return to checkout in stead of cart when possible.
* Remove credit card type field from the PI form

Bug Fixes:
* Problem when recovering Orphan Transactions
* Token + 3Dv2
* PI + drop in missing state error on US purchases. Only Magento
* Conflict between OSC and PI
* 3dcallback function called multiple times

- Version 4.2.14:

* Add 3Dv2 (SCA) support for Direct and PI integrations.
* Change serialize/unserialize entrie with Magento serializer class.
* Avoid calling md5 functions to be compilant with MEQP.

Bug Fixes:
* When Invoice for Server order fails status remain as "Processing".

- Version 4.2.13:

* Remove BETA from Pi config.
* Set Pending as default order status when Defer or Authenticate.
* SERVER and FORM support for PSD2 and SCA.

Bug Fixes:
* Missing vpstxid when creating automatic invoice for defer and authenticate transaction.
* Update adminhtml Sage Pay create account link.
* Session error with message: "An error occurred which prevented the order from saving: Transaction canceled.".

- Version 4.2.12

Bug Fixes:
* Call to a member function getVisitorData() on null


- Version 4.2.11

Implemented enhancements:
* Add missing modman files
* Add the billing/delivery phone number on the 'Orphan Transaction' details page
* Encrypt callback URL

Bug Fixes:
* Undefined index warning when using PI + Drop In
* Cron job sagepaysuite_sync_trndata_fromapi runs to often
* Change the way parent window is redirected when using SERVER, Direct and PI
* SagePay reporting failure causes order grit to crash when API not available


- Version 4.2.10:

Implemented enhancements:
* PHP 7.2 compatibility

Bug Fixes:
* Wrong status for Server MOTO orders with Save Before enabled.
* PI without drop in disable continue
* Server MOTO orders redirecting to front end
* Wrong history for order status when save order before enabled.
* SUPEE-10752 breaks checkout
* Revert verifications done for MOTO.
* MOTO Transaction placed without shipping method.
* MOTO Orders are placed without check Billing length
* Server MOTO in the backend Telephone


- Version 4.2.9:

Implemented enhancements:
* Drop-in interface for PI

Bug Fixes:
* Customer email on Server MOTO
* Wrong time on Vendor TX code
* Check shipping method before placing the order

- Version 4.2.8

Bug Fixes:
* Typo clearLogs on system.xml


- Version 4.2.7

Implemented enhancements:
* Cancel orders offline
* Check billing length on MOTO orders
* Removed Authenticate from PI
* Clear logs

Bug Fixes:
* Wrong time when Daylight saving
* Disable token configuration
* Order status when using Save order before
* Header already sent error
* Special characters not showing correctly on Paypal
* Payment release on PI Deferred
* User is no longer logged in automatically with OSC

- Version 4.2.6
Bug Fixes:
* Wrong new order status on Server

- Version 4.2.5

Implemented enhancements:
* Client IP
* Compatibility with MageMaven
* Invalid License message for licenses with spaces
* Token configuration

Bug Fixes:
* CRYPT_RIJNDAEL constructor warning
* Comments not showing on email (Server MOTO)
* Removed surcharges support. (SagePay no longer allows this)
* Browser back button re-sending email on mobile
* Direct is now disabled on code to make the module safer. (WARNING: Contact us if you are using direct)
* Wrong first order status

- Version 4.2.4

Implemented enhancements:
* Token configurations behaviour
* Replace mcrypt for phpseclib
* Trim license key spaces

Bug Fixes:
* Expiry date not saving
* Continue not working when token whit some token descriptions
* Email wiped from the quote when buying a virtual product using Paypal
* Direct not saving transactions
* GetUrl with integration code empty

- Version 4.2.3

Implemented enhancements:
* Compatibility for Master Card 2-series BIN
* Index added to the transaction table to increase performance

Bug Fixes:
* Updated create account link
* Workaround for payment taken after "Please specify shipping method" error
* Verify cart consistency was voiding the some unrelated transactions
* Payment action setting on SERVER MOTO
* Surcharges file was missing from modman


- Version 4.2.2

Implemented enhancements:
* Circle improvements
* Coding standards
* Token name validations to avoid adding CC number by mistake

Bug fixes:
* Error when logging "Payment has failed" was hiding the error.
* Refund error when using Authenticate


- Version 4.2.1
Implemented enhancements:
* Coding standards

- Version 4.2.0

Bug fixes:
* VPSProtocol and TxAuthNo not being saved resulting on "Error(3096): The VPSProtocol value is required.
* Edit token description on customer side
* Order email not showing CC and last four digits
* saveAction bug
* Hardcoded fraud table name
* Form integration not showing correctly on order view.
* Typos

Implemented enhancements:
* Allowed countries feature for PayPal integration
* New order status feature for Repeat MOTO integration


- Version 4.1.9

Bug fixes:
* Some deferred orders not showing on deferred order grid
* Server configs showing when disabled
* Security patch

Implemented enhancements:
* New coding standard


- Version 4.1.8

Implemented enhancements:
* Support link updated to the new ticket system's email
* Coding standard
* Don't expose admin url on frontend.
* Checkout no longer breaks without sandbox.xml
* Typo fixes

Bug fixes:
* Update ReD status when calling getTransactionDetail via Reporting API.
* Workaround for prototype issue causing "Payment has failed error"
* Fix class name, it does not work on case-sensitive filesystems.
* Fix invalid chars on incide parameters.

- Version 4.1.7
* Improvement: Coding standard improvements


- Version 4.1.6
* Improvement: Removed unreachable code after return statement
* Improvement: Ebizmarts store url is now https.
* Improvement: str_replace compatibility.
* Improvement: Added ReferrerID to PI
* Bug fix: Transaction not showing on Orphan list after editing.
* Bug fix: Shipping address issue when quote contains only virtual products.
* Bug fix: Code injection fix for tokens


- Version 4.1.5
* Bug fix: Recurring error when Save order before was enabled.
* Bug fix: MageMonkey issues.
* Bug fix: Typo on error helper.
* Bug fix: Missing translations on error helper.

- Version 4.1.4
* Improvement: SERVER with "Save order before" not recovering quote if browser back button clicked during payment pages.
* Improvement: Updated syntax on some js scripts to avoid conflicts (thanks Tom Robertshaw for this).
* Improvement: Order details in Success URL of SERVER are now optional.
* Improvement: Support form now uses default mail client instead of a form.
* Improvement: Expiry date in transaction modal better format.
* Bug fix: "Save order before" setting in MOTO using frontend config instead.
* Bug fix: SERVER MOTO with DEFER and SAVE ORDER BEFORE not completing payment.
* Bug fix: "Empty" function error in Sales Observer with some PHP versions.
* Bug fix: Token controller now validating customer session.
* Bug fix: Item SKU not being correctly parsed on VPTXID view.


- Version 4.1.3
* New Feature: 3D secure rules settings added for SERVER integration.
* Improvement: Paypal "processing payment..." page added to avoid white screen during processing.
* Improvement: Customer XML failsafe in case bad format or invalid chars.
* Bug fix: Can't checkout using store credit in Magento EE if default payment method is Sage Pay.
* Bug fix: Surcharges not working as expected with SERVER MOTO.
* Bug fix: Added website restrictions to SERVER controller to avoid issues with EE private sales.
* Bug fix: Redirecting incorrectly when customer REJECTED by consecutive failures.
* Bug fix: Korean currency stopped accepting decimals.
* Bug fix: Token saved as customerId 0 if using SERVER and "save order before" is enabled.
* Bug fix: Token description not getting saved in customer area using SERVER integration.


- Version 4.1.2
* New Feature: SERVER Pre-save order cron configuration to automatically cancel pending payment orders.
* Improvement: Don't allow success page to reload session more than once.
* Bug fix: CC expiration date not being showed in backend when token is used.
* Bug fix: Get shipping method instead of description for virtual product validation.
* Bug fix: Cancel pending payment cron trying to void transactions.
* Bug fix: Modman file errors.
* Bug fix: Main window redirect from iframe issue with DIRECT 3D.
* Bug fix: Back button on orphan transaction edit form not working.
* Bug fix: Vendorname was being forced to lowercase.
* Bug fix: Check that the amounts match error when transaction currency base && currency switcher is used.
* Bug fix: MCDEBIT was not validating.


- Version 4.1.1
* New Feature: SERVER now has the possibility to pre-save the order to avoid session lost issues with SSL.
* Improvement: Removed email from SERVER MOTO NotificationURL to prevent exceeding the 255 char limit.
* Improvement: Added validation to prevent customers from sending the CC number in the CC owner field.
* Bug fix: SERVER security vulnerability.
* Bug fix: CURL_VERIFY_PEER default to true and fixed some areas where it was not taking the configuration.
* Bug fix: ApplyAVSCV2 typo on SERVER integration.
* Bug fix: In rare occasions there was a space added to the country code being sent which resulted in a checkout error.
* Bug fix: SERVER issues when order saving process taking more than 20 secs.
* Bug fix: Invoicing and capturing online for 0 amount no longer allowed.
* Bug fix: Force 3D secure on selected card setting not working as expected.
* Bug fix: Token list with SERVER still hidden after switching back and forth to the "Add new card/Use saved card".


- Version 4.0.1
* New Feature: Support for Sage Pay’s New Integration Type PI (Beta).
* Bug fix: Original price of items showing as $0 with SERVER MOTO when using discount.
* Bug fix: Order comments not working on SERVER with OSC and Magemaven.
* Bug fix: Modman breaking local folders.
* Bug fix: Token not using AVSCV2 settings.
* Improvement: Workaround to prevent landing on empty cart page when using SERVER after order saving delays.


- Version
* New Feature: Modman support.
* New Feature: Option to use SERVER with 'full redirect' for adding tokens from customer account.
* Improvement: Improved stability to avoid un-invoiced orders with SERVER.
* Bug fix: Auto-fulfill orders from cron not working properly.
* Bug fix: Cancelling a payment on mobile redirecting to a blank screen on mobile.
* Bug fix: SERVER integration broken when using multi-shipping after magento security patch.
* Bug fix: XML basket not working as expected with guest customers.
* Bug fix: Profiler not working on backend.
* Bug fix: Repeat MOTO search grid not working as expected.
* Bug fix: Prevent invoicing feature not working with SERVER.
* Bug fix: Whitelist IP on backend always showing error at the bottom.
* Bug fix: RED fraud badge images not showing correctly.
* Bug fix: Paypal invalid basket error workaround.
* Bug fix: Sage 50 basket sending wrong value if invoice set to "Including Taxes".
* Bug fix: Workaround for IE 10 bug when using any iframe.


- Version
* Improvement: Support form on backend now using secure connection.
* Improvement: Workaround to prevent invoices failing on some orders due to session lost.
* Bug fix: Total showing wrong when using multi-currency with SERVER.
* Bug fix: Whitelist IP stopped working after routers modification.
* Bug fix: SERVER always using saved token if OSC module is being used.
* Bug fix: Paypal express force shipping estimate skipped for virtual products.
* Bug fix: Multiple error messages on success due to session issues.
* Bug fix: Paypal refunds and releases not working properly after magento patches.
* Bug fix: OSC causes error when logged in users change their billing address.


- Version
* Improvement: Permissions added for backend controllers to fix magento patch issue.


- Version
* New Feature: Added config option to prevent automatic invoicing with authorize and capture.
* Improvement: IPv6 beta support added.
* Improvement: Thirdman cron improved.
* Improvement: Minor changes to improve support for some 3rd party checkout modules.
* Improvement: Use magento admin router for security, admin controller calls are now hidden.
* Improvement: Expired tokens are now deleted on customer login.
* Bug fix: Add sales->sagepay->configuration to ACL.
* Bug fix: VOID transaction not working in orphan grid.
* Bug fix: PayPal checkout button was being rendered even if total was below min order.
* Bug fix: PayPal taking DIRECT 'place order status' configuration.
* Bug fix: Checkout sidebar payment method section broken on newer php versions.
* Bug fix: Typo on sql query affecting new installs.
* Bug fix: Token not being saved when using SERVER with SSL after latest Magento patch.


- Version
* New Feature: CURL proxy configuration.
* New Feature: VendorTxCode prefix can now be configured.
* Improvement: API error response no longer generating magento exception
* Improvement: Billing state is now sent for all countries, limited to 2 chars to avoid issues.
* Bug fix: Send email config not working.
* Bug fix: Mass 3rd man check not auto invoicing.
* Bug fix: Adding token card through DIRECT on customer area was causing issues if cc details were wrong.
* Bug fix: Surcharges block causing minor issues if surcharges are disabled.
* Bug fix: Order email not showing CC details in some occasions.
* Bug fix: Typo on CustomerId.php.
* Bug fix: SERVER MOTO redirecting to frontend on fail.


- Version
* New Feature: Paypal improved logos and added functionality to force XML basket.
* New Feature: Paypal express now has an option to avoid second review step.
* New Feature: Paypal Billing Agreement now supported.
* New Feature: Orphan grid improved.
* New Feature: Error parser (initial stage).
* New Feature: No longer require SID on Frontend.
* New Feature: CURLOPT_SSL_VERSION value can now be specified from config.
* New Feature: Validate quote now optional.
* New Feature: Surcharges module is now separated from suite to avoid possible tax issues.
* New Feature: Fraud Information grid can now run 3rd man checks manually and added 3rd man check log.
* New Feature: Added a setting for skipping AVSCV2 for overseas orders.
* New Feature: DB INDEX created in transactions table to increase FRAUD checks performance.
* Improvement: Workaround for security fault on SERVER success.
* Improvement: SERVER fail page improved.
* Improvement: Modal css corrections to avoid bootstrap conflicts.
* Improvement: JsTranslator improved messages.
* Bug fix: Customer session lost when using SERVER on Magento 1.9.1+.
* Bug fix: Order not being saved if 3d fails and is allowed to fail.
* Bug fix: Basket XML format fix.
* Bug fix: Tracker generates a warning when accessing config area.
* Bug fix: Add card on customer area not working.
* Bug fix: Checkout review sidebar showing old CC details after re-selecting Paypal as payment method.
* Bug fix: Sweet Tooth support fixed after magento 1.9.1 upgrade.
* Bug fix: Log now validates filename for strange chars.


- Version
* Improvement: SSL for backend logo images.
* Improvement: Paypal express force shipping config option.
* Bug fix: Surcharge taxes not working with percent amounts.
* Bug fix: Session lost generating "Please specify a shipping method" error after 1.9.1 upgrade.
* Bug fix: Remember token script issue.
* Bug fix: Euro Payments pending status for orders.
* Bug fix: JS bug affecting earlier Magento versions when on one page checkout trying to proceed to payment section.
* Bug fix: Safe call to getEdition, it was causing the config page to load a blank page on earlier Magento versions.


- Version 3.0.22
* New feature: Tokens can be assigned a nickname.
* New feature: Euro Payments PENDING support (beta).
* Improvement: Surcharge enable/disable functionality.
* Improvement: Dashboard tab moved to sales->Sage Pay.
* Improvement: Added direct link to configuration from sales->Sage Pay tab.
* Improvement: Orphan recover functionality made stable, working for all default product types.
* Bug fix: Wrong error message displayed on MOTO server payment.
* Bug fix: Set default credit card.
* Bug fix: Direct MOTO integration wrongly validating accepted card types.
* Bug fix: Redirects the user to cart when error in transaction (happening with certain errors).
* Bug fix: Some events not being triggered when cards added by DIRECT integration on user panel.
* Bug fix: Customer_note_notify not being passed from quote to order due a conflict with our code.
* Bug fix: Duplicate tokens on some cases.
* Bug fix: Preventing token to be stored on DIRECT and SERVER integrations when some values are repeated.
* Bug fix: Parameters in the basket with colon breaking the basket.
* Bug fix: Surcharges applied twice on frontend.
* Bug fix: Surcharge with DIRECT not working.
* Bug fix: IWD support removed as it was causing minor script issues on 3.x version.
* Bug fix: Surcharge with TOKENS and DIRECT.
* Bug fix: POST request were not being sent as string.
* Bug fix: Infinite JS loop when using Sage Pay Suite, One Step Checkout and IE <= 10.
* Bug fix: CardType field is required error when using default token with DIRECT.


- Version
* Improvement: New Sage Pay logo and style fixes.
* Bug fix: Error for GUEST and REGISTER checkout on Magento 1.9+
* Bug fix: Delivery data error on PayPal when using quick checkout button in cart page.
* Bug fix: Validation issue with MasterCard Debit.


- Version 3.0.18
* New feature: Configuration setting for cart health check.
* New feature: Transaction detail on row click for DIRECT REFUND grid.
* New feature: Possibility to delete direct refund from database.
* New feature: Adding Master Card Debit compatibility to DIRECT integration.
* New feature: Compatibility with new Recurring module.
* Improvement: On SERVER frontend transactions sending parameter `Language` based on Magento' locale.
* Improvement: Showing Bank Auth. Code on payment information in Magento admin order view.
* Improvement: Updating Sage Pay logo.
* Improvement: JS issues fixing in checkout.
* Improvement: Adding `redirect` 3D layout for DIRECT integration.
* Improvement: Check that amounts match before saving the order in Magento.
* Improvement: IWD_OnePageCheckout compatibility improvements.
* Improvement: New credit card icons, retina display compatible.
* Improvement: Checking that transaction and order amounts match before saving the order.
* Bug fix: Fixing encode on emails for SERVER backend orders.
* Bug fix: utm_nooverride in FORM transactions.
* Bug fix: Fixing MD5 signature issues for SERVER backend orders.
* Bug fix: Fixing issue when getRemoteAddr() returns more than one IP address.
* Bug fix: Creating invoices on Multishipping orders.
* Bug fix: Vendorname not set when creating tokens from Customer Edit in Magento backend.
* Bug fix: Surcharge fix with taxes issues not being added.
* Bug fix: Basket for Sage50 issues with numeric SKUs.
* Bug fix: Emails were not sending sometimes on PayPal orders.
* Bug fix: On FORM integration, setting `switcher` as Transaction Currency was not being taken into account.


- Version 3.0.16
* New feature: Adding Edit option for transactions, with ACL permission.
* New feature: Payment failed emails when a transaction is rejected, with configuration option.
* New feature: Discounts on BasketXML.
* Improvement: Changin tables storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB.
* Improvement: Adding new code on fraud grid to make it faster.
* Improvement: Adding ReD shields on orders grid when available.
* Improvement: Adding more logging data for FORM transactions.
* Improvement: Possibility (as config option) to ignore address validation when saving the order in Magento.
* Bug fix: Problems with surcharges.
* Bug fix: One Step Checkout, saving feedback entered on checkout step.
* Bug fix: Server integration callback urls on multistore setup.
* Bug fix: Saving correctly Magemaven order comments.
* Bug fix: CV2 value on testing data for AMEX.
* Bug fix: On DEFERRED transactions, release issues, was sending repeatdeferred.
* Bug fix: PayPal customer issues on callback when creating a new account.
* Bug fix: Grand total issue with Server integration and one step checkout modules.
* Bug fix: Check for correct permission to show orphan notifications bar in admin.


- Version 3.0.14
* Improvement: Refactoring CRON to retrieve 3rd man scores.
* Improvement: Dont update notification feed if Mage_AdminNotification is disabled.
* Improvement: Adding $_eventPrefix and $_eventObject to Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Model_Sagepaysuite_Transaction.
* Improvement: Different modes for PayPal in frontend, you can use cart button, checkout payment method or both at the same time.
* Bug fix: Shield renderer for fraud score was showing green for scrore gte 30.
* Bug fix: Surcharge fixes for all integrations.
* Bug fix: Token bug fix with session ids starting with numbers.
* Bug fix: Token registered with different vendor name not available in store.
* Bug fix: MOTO orders with different currency than base.
* Bug fix: MOTO orders not sending order email.
* Bug fix: MOTO virtual orders.
* Bug fix: Ironing bugs on BasketXML.
* Bug fix: Correcting typo on Sage Pay Deferred Orders.
* Bug fix: IE10 strange issue with comment on JS file in frontend.
* Bug fix: MOTO orders issue with payment methods not being sagepay on some browsers.


- Version 3.0.10
* Improvement: Magento CE compatible.
* Improvement: Add IgnoreModule on config so Mage_Log does not take it into account
* Improvement: Additional logging on SERVER notification controller
* Improvement: Default iframe height for SERVER inFrame is now 505px
* Improvement: Livepipe libraries upgrade
* Bug fix: Fix error in FORM integration, transaction currency setting was not working.
* Bug fix: Fix problem on callback when cancelling moto order
* Bug fix: Cart contents not sent in TOKEN transactions
* Bug fix: Transaction currency issue fix on refund
* Bug fix: Fix on sage50 basket
* Bug fix: Fix empty value on PayPal callback
* Bug fix: Problem with refund on repeatdeferred
* Bug fix: Additional logging on SERVER controller and handling INVALID requests properly
* Bug fix: Fix error in PayPal via Sage Pay transactions when it fails in Magento


- Version 3.0.8
* New feature: Adding DEFERRED and AUTHENTICATE payment actions for PayPal transactions.
* Improvement: Making CRON job for retrieve 3rdman faster.
* Improvement: Using REPEATDEFERRED when transaction is DEFERRED instead of REPEAT.
* Improvement: Adding configuration option for CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, default is NO.
* Improvement: DB layout rewrites only for checkout related problems with JS.
* Bug fix: Reserved order id.
* Bug fix: Error 4009 (Amount = 0.00) on some situations.
* Bug fix: Multiple COMPLETE requests on PayPal transactions with some IE versions.
* Bug fix: MOTO orders issue on EE 1.13.x.
* Bug fix: Custom fields and loader state fix on MAC checkout with SERVER integration.


- Version 3.0.7
* New feature: Adding DIRECTREFUNDs from Magento.
* Improvement: Set default basket format to Sage50 compatible, not BasketXML.
* Improvement: Adding help link on Orphans notifications.
* Improvement: Fixing direct moto html form format.
* Improvement: Hide Customer Cards tab in customer edit in Admin if token is not enabled.
* Improvement: CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER set to TRUE.
* Improvement: Strip invalid postcode characters before pushing to Sage Pay.
* Improvement: Magemaven_OrderComment compatibility.
* Improvement: Adding Sage Pay Dashboard link to Admin panel menu in top level.
* Bug fix: Double check credentials when checking 3rdman in admin.
* Bug fix: Sage Pay Token, _setRequestCurrencyAmount method is not defined.
* Bug fix: Currency code is not valid on MOTO orders.
* Bug fix: Use AUTHORISE for REPEAT payments when original transaction is AUTHENTICATE.
* Bug fix: Dont halt invoice if DEFERRED transaction has expired, just show a message.
* Bug fix: Totals and FaxNo in BasketXML
* Bug fix: Removing sanitize on shipping method on PaymentController
* Bug fix: Redirecting back to cart on PayPal failed transactions.


- Version 3.0.6
* Improvement: Adding Sage50 basket, you can choose in config wether to use Sage50 or BasketXML
* Improvement: Magento EE compatibility
* Bug fix: Available card types from config on Token FORM in MyAccount
* Bug fix: BasketXML bug fixes
* Bug fix: Fix on Surcharges
* Bug fix: Fixing REPEAT issue with different currencies
* Bug fix: Row deletion in token card list in checkout

- Version
* Bug fix: MOTO currency on multi store setup
* Bug fix: Disable sending basket contents for all integrations until we fix the BasketXML issue
* Bug fix: Token form problem when cancelling token CV2 page
* Bug fix: substr issue on recipientAdd2 in BasketXML


- Version 3.0.5
* Improvement: Adding eMailMessage parameter to FORM request.
* Improvement: Compatibility [BETA] with IWD_OnePageCheckout
* Improvement: Adding support form to system config section.
* Improvement: Adding IP details to detail data when retrieving using Admin & Reporting API.
* Bug fix: Error in Dashboard with settlements.
* Bug fix: Error in Deferred orders grid when using filters.
* Bug fix: Encoding strings when creating XML structs to send to Sage Pay
* Bug fix: Surcharge undefined index error.
* Bug fix: Token issues with 0 customer_id in db
* Bug fix: Adding basket error code to retry routine.
* Bug fix: Send 2.23 as protocol if MODE is SIMULATOR
* Bug fix: Address information data for virtual orders.
* Bug fix: RELEASE amount problem when order is in different currency than base.
* Bug fix: BasketXML errors.
* Bug fix: Postcode not provided fix, we send 000 if not provided.
* Bug fix: Surcharge error breaks Sweet Tooth module for example.
* Bug fix: Adding try catch block on FORM callback.
* Bug fix: Checking ACL to show Orphans notification.


- Version 3.0.4
* Improvement: Use of instanceof instead of get_class to add STATE column on Sales > Orders grid
* Improvement: Saving TRNAMOUNT on sagepaysuite_transaction table
* Improvement: Adding new feature to fetch transaction data from CRON Async.
* Improvement: Change PROFILER logs prefixes to use VendorTxCode if possible.
* Bug fix: Change CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST to 2 on Sage Pay Reportin API calls.
* Bug fix: Dashboard reports for 30 days timeframe.
* Bug fix: Re send request if error received is 3195 or 3021, basket recoverable related errors
* Bug fix: Multishipping address amount for SERVER frontend orders.
* Bug fix: Order state for initial status, for example for AUTHENTICATE orders.
* Bug fix: Fix for FORM integration on some situations Amount sent was 0.00
* Bug fix: Giftmessages on SERVER MOTO integration
* Bug fix: Discount problems with SERVER MOTO integration
* Bug fix: Surcharge amount on PDFs.
* Bug fix: OneStepCheckout feature implemented. Place order on the emails account without the password
* Bug fix: OneStepCheckout token stuck.


- Version 3.0.3
* Bug fix: Installation problem fix, error was: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'sagepayreporting_fraud' doesn't exist


- Version 3.0.2
* New feature: Notifications from Ebizmarts site.
* New feature: Adding AUTHENTICATE to automatic capture feature.
* New feature: Adding data to Dashboard, Settlements.
* New feature: Checking Web config for safe transactions and adding notice on config section if not okay.
* New feature: Check stock before pushing transaction to Sage Pay. Redirect to cart if not okay.
* Improvement: Change grid render names to magento like class path.
* Improvement: Change shields score for Orders grid. Some of them are confussing.
* Improvement: Adding created_at for all tables and adding new columns to sagepaysuite_action table.
* Improvement: Change color for NOTCHECKED on fraud grid.
* Improvement: Data validation for new BasketXML field.
* Improvement: Adding additional data for AUTHORISE payments on admin.
* Bug fix: Promo on admin orders.
* Bug fix: Token not created on SERVER integration with Multiple Address Checkout.
* Bug fix: Currency and amount problem on automatic authorise with different currency than base.
* Bug fix: Fix for notice on CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST
* Bug fix: Adding basket for FORM post data.
* Bug fix: Token bug on OSC.


- Version 3.0.0
* New feature: Dashboard with graphs showing last transactions within 1 to 30 days.
* New feature: Removal of token feature for GUEST checkout.
* New feature: MOTO configuration for Admin & Access API.
* New feature: Added store switcher for Admin & Reporting API operations. Allowing to use credentials for API per store.
* New feature: Added most error messages to translation files
* New feature: Added transalation files for Deutsch and Spanish.
* New feature: Adding renderer for order increment id on grids.
* New feature: Adding renderer for customer name on grids.
* New feature: Adding renderer for tx state id (system status) on grids.
* New feature: Adding surcharges configuration from Magento.
* New feature: Added System status to Orphans grid.
* New feature: Added full redirection to Sage Pay for SERVER integration (frontend) specially for European Payments.
* New feature: Changed Sage Pay protocol to new version 3.00
* New feature: Implemented BasketXML. A more flexible version of the current basket field which can be used instead of the basket field.
* New feature: Implemented CustomerXML. This can be used to supply information on the customer for purposes such as fraud screening.
* New feature: Implemented SurchargeXML. Use this field to override current surcharge settings in "My Sage Pay" for the current transaction. Percentage and fixed amount surcharges can be set for different payment types.
* New feature: Tokens are now created off transaction not before posting transaction.
* New feature: Adding ReD response to transaction.
* Improvement: Token cards are registered alongside transaction now.
* Improvement: Tokens available for select when creating order with SERVER MOTO.
* Improvement: Checking for valid shipping method when posting order.
* Improvement: Implemented new, more secure encryption of data for FORM integration.
* Improvement: Adding ContactNumber to SERVER post data.
* Improvement: Adding CardHolder name to transaction data when sync from API.
* Improvement: Improvements for better mobile experience.
* Bug fix: Invoice not being voided when amount is equal to Grand Total.
* Bug fix: Added several translation strings to CSV translation files.
* Bug fix: Fixed amount on invoices when currency is different to base.
* Bug fix: Fixed error when refunding whole transaction, void was not being processed due to calculation issue.
* Bug fix: Invoice issues with Multiple Address Checkout.
* Bug fix: Token issues, currency and txtype not being saved on token transactions.
* Bug fix: Changing SWITCH (Maestro UK) card logo to Maestro International logo.


- Version
* Improvement: Using Magento's core roundPrice function to round amounts instead of number_format.
* Improvement: Adding customer email to contact number in CustomerContactInfo on local storage.
* Improvement: Setting autocomplete="off" on cc forms.
* Bug fix: Undefined object on SagePayReporting cron.
* Bug fix: Token bugs on transactions without payment details, wrong token selected when using OSC.
* Bug fix: Refund issue for transactions not placed in base currency.
* Bug fix: Multiple refunds on authenticate transactions, it was always taking into account latest transaction.
* Bug fix: Amount missmatch when using SERVER integration.
* Bug fix: Restoring OSC loading object when 3D secure window is closed.


- Version
* New feature: Dispatching 2 events, one for config data loading and another one when a transaction is saved in Magento.
* Bug fix: Typo on word "ocurred".
* Bug fix: The module does not use DateTime::diff anymore to avoid servers without PHP 5.3
* Bug fix: 3D data saved to database, not session.
* Bug fix: Changing the way we call the cache store, it was not a good approach.
* Bug fix: Removing basket sending on PayPal transactions to avoid issues.
* Bug fix: Fixing Store Currency option for SERVER integration, it was not working at all.
* Bug fix: Deleting a token card from local storage if SagePay returns error 4057 when trying to delete.


- Version 1.1.19
* New feature: SAGE50 support for basket lines.
* New feature: Api synchronization, see
* Bug fix: When compilation is on, other payment methods fail.
* Bug fix: MOTO vendorname not taken into account.
* Bug fix: Orders partially released were voided if canceled.
* Bug fix: Adding ApplyAVSCV2 on TOKEN transactions.
* Bug fix: FORM integration store scope fields were not visible.


- Version 1.1.17
* New Feature: Order editing support.
* New Feature: Mass delete for token cards on admin panel
* New Feature: Possibility to switch between LOW and NORMAL template profiles in SERVER and SERVER MOTO integrations.
* New Feature: Extending Magento core API (SOAP/XMLRPC), available calls are: sage_pay_transaction.list, (by vpstxid), sage_pay_reporting.fraud_detail, (information directly from Sage Pay Reporting API)
* Adding orphans on various payment stages so the administrator is notified for example if card was not authed.
* Sanitize post data to avoid xss attacks
* Adding Android and BlackBerry user-agent to detection to fix modal box issue
* Fixing bug on PayPal description, empty on some ocassions.
* Fixed bug on automatic thirdman score updates for old orders.
* Fixed performance issues on backend and database
* Fixing bug with REGISTER and GUEST token cards on some scenarios.
* Fixed not sent email when using DIRECT and 3D.
* Fixed bug on SERVER MOTO related to Original Price being 0.00


- Version 1.1.15
* Fixing redirection issue in SERVER integration
* Adding Currency Switcher support for Transaction Currency
* Fixing EUR symbol in cart
* Removing condition on email sending on DIRECT protocol, causes issues when reverse proxies are in place
* OneStepCheckout GiftMessage adding
* Shorting MOTO orders urls for SERVER inframe protocol
* Fix issue when REPEATing FORM transaction
* Fixing price on basket
* Fixing issue where REPEAT urls where not reacheable when repeating a FORM transaction


- Version 1.1.13
* Adding PayPal description
* Adding support link to config


- Version 1.1.11
* Fixed bug with YEN currency
* Fix bug on validateQuote for MultiShipping
* Compatibility with Magento EE 1.12 and CE


- Version 1.1.9
* Fixed bug when saving Edit Order with any payment method
* Fixing bug with FORM protocol on additional operations such as abort
* Fixing but in token transactions for MOTO orders
* Validating quote before sending transaction to Sage Pay
* Fixing double email failed payments on SERVER integration
* Adding 'order_status' config setting for PayPal integration
* Fixing FORM bug when using OSC and Sage Pay returns an error


- Version 1.1.7
* Payment System details on Transaction Details (API)
* Fixing error on SERVER integration (cant delete token card)
* Fixing typo "orfans"
* Add PaymentSystemDetails and ECI value to transaction data (From API)
* Fixing OSC compatibility issues with Shipping Address
* Adding square brackets on SKU items on Basket
* Fixing REFUND error when refunding order TOTAL
* Change deletquote to set it as notactive instead of deleting

- Version 1.1.5
* Fix token issue with CV2 when default token is loaded (happens because of radiobutton enabling payment method JS stuff)
* Fix for error 3021 on Basket for Bundle items
* Fix amount sent on Multiple address checkout with DIRECT integration
* Added product options to Sage Pay Basket field
* Reset OSC button and loading spinner for SERVER integration when transaction fails for whatever reason
* Validate quote object before sending transaction to Sage Pay, mostly to fix OSC related issues
* Fixed OrderCurrency code on Basket field when in STORE scope
* Check for duplicates before reserving order id
* Perform a VOID operation if refunding full order amount
* Fix issue when REPEAT payments fail that creates order with no payment details
* Added Deferred-Capture option, automatically RELEASES a DEFERRED transaction when reached the SUCCESS page
* Do not import PAYPAL callback shipping details if AddressStatus is NONE to prevent errors when completing transaction
* Adding possibility to Invoice FORM integration orders to RELEASE or AUTHORISE transactions from Magento backend
* Fixing data issues not saved when registering Token Card
* Show correct currency code on Refunds grid


- Version 1.1.3
* Fix OSC issue when logged in customer checksout with new address
* Showing PayPal additional information on order view page ADMIN
* PayPal method title on checkout radiobutton title fix
* Fix TOKEN issue on Magento 1.5+
* PayPal express fix for AddressStatus = NONE
* Check for existing email on MOTO orders SERVER
* Fixing PostCode for Ireland addresses on DIRECT integration
* Token cards in customer edit tab and availability to add token from admin panel
* Truncate basket field to max allowed by sagepay
* Fixed JS error on iphone/ipod touch with lightbox
* OSC disabled button fix, need to edit OSC template to change variable scope
* REPEAT payments for ADMIN
* Requests PROFILER


- Version 1.1.1
* Fix thirdman id error on backend.
* Fix secure URL on frontend
* Invoice order email config option
* Adding vendor_email to FORM integration


- Version 1.1.0
* Fix backend create order form validation
* Adding DELETE options on transactions listed under Sales - SagePay - Payment Transactions
* Magento EE 1.11 compatibility
* Send invoice email when creating it automatically (PAYMENT)
* Fix virtual order FORM integration
* Adding 3D Secure column to fraud information grid
* Fixing data issues on "Sage Pay Fraud Information"
* Adding "sort order" to PayPal integration
* Option to save token card or not


- Version 1.0.37
* Fix REGISTER TOKEN currency in checkout
* Fix IE bug on window.js
* Adding required-entry class for cv2 and cc number for direct form (OSC issue)
* Fix DIRECT 3D payment not creating invoice if on PAYMENT mode
* Fixed TOKEN issue with CV2 when registering token
* Magento CE 1.6 compatibility
* Fix for PayPal and FORM on OSC


- Version 1.0.36
* Fix street2 import on PayPal payments
* SERVER protocol RemoteIpFix
* FORM fix on OSC
* Fixing overflow auto on IE8 3D lightbox
* Fix INVOICE order on Downloadable cart
* FORM adding SendEMail flag
* Fixing BASKET display on transaction detail
* Correct bug on SERVER protocol DeliveryState when cart is VIRTUAL


- Version 1.0.35
* PayPal email title correction
* Fix admin log viewer error if no SagePaySuite log dir exist
* Fix token card delete error when on HTTPS
* Fix MOTO multiple vendors on multiple websites error
* PayPal register customer implementation
* Hide issue number and start date upon form show if no card is selected
* Fix thirdman id error on order view


- Version 1.0.34
* Correcting typos on system.xml
* PayPal import ISO-8859-15 encoded chars fix
* SagePayReporting 3rdman CRON fix
* SERVER when cancelling order if message is blank, don't show alert box
* Fix MAC bug when no token is enabled
* PayPal fix redirection urls bug
* PayPal title fix show correct method title on emails, backend, etc.
* Added 3rdman breakdown


- Version 1.0.33
* Adding check to not break API calls on sagepay orders not placed with suite.
* Fix MOTO SERVER long url
* Added checking for Idev_OneStepCheckout module when importing OSC information to quote


- Version 1.0.32
* PayPal bugfix for currency on completing order.
* Changing orphans row click to view sagepay detail.
* PayPal secure url fix on review post.
* PayPal don't check for shipping estimate on checkout button


- Version 1.0.31
* PayPal bugfix for incheckout, billing address was overwritten.


- Version 1.0.30
* PayPal incheckout sending customer billing and shipping address
* Bug fix on authorises request, was not saving amount
* Bug fix on get transaction details for related transactions such as AUTHORISES
* Adding icons for NOTMATCHED, OK, NOTCHECKED, etc. flags


- Version 1.0.29
* Reward points for Enterprise edition, SERVER integration bug fix.
* Bug fix on PaymentController when compilation enabled.
* Bug fix on 3D secure lightbox on IE7 and below.


- Version 1.0.28
* Added specific payment information template for PDF printing in admin panel.