Changelog Magento 2.4

[10.4.3] - 2024-06-06


- Special characters to regex validation

- Warning when Pi credentials are invalid

   - Opayo Test Domain to CSP whitelist


   - PayPal can't checkout Virtual Products with Force XML Basket enabled

- Pi MOTO button and message for 2.4.7

[10.4.2] - 2024-03-26


   - Added challenge issuers to the CSP list for 3D Secure challenge.


   - License not activating on checkout if default scope was not activated

   - Error message not showing on first try using PI

   - Payment methods using settings from another scope.

[10.4.1] - 2024-01-24


   - Fixed a bug in the phone validation for UK phone numbers

[10.4.0] - 2024-01-19


   - URL Update Compatibility: Ready for the new Elavon and Opayo URL changes.


   - PI integration, page keeps loading at checkout

[1.4.58] - 2023-10-19

 With support for 2.4.4-p6, 2.4.5-p5 and 2.4.6-p3




[1.4.57] - 2023-07-24




[1.4.56] - 2023-06-12



[1.4.55] - 2023-05-31




   - Text changes on configuration.


[1.4.54] - 2023-04-25


   - Brippo into Opayo Suite integration.

   - Magento admin notifications.

   - Add cronjob to sync from Opayo API.


   - Error when trying to cancel Pi order.

   - Special characters issue with apostrophes.

   - Fraud grid.

   - When cancel transaction using server two quotes are being created.

   - Error when phone is selected as optional attribute.


   - Match drop in and no drop in labels.

   - Transfer SERVER tokens for PI integration.

   - Void payment with credit memo when order is created in the same day with PI integration.

   - Add extra params to getUrl.


[1.4.53] - 2023-03-15


   - Changed Opayo by Elavon on the frontend.


   - Opayo Fraud column bug on Sales.

   - Improved error message when create order for failed transaction: Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$status.

   - Can't create credit note when create invoice after partial release in Opayo dashboard.


[1.4.52] - 2023-02-21


   - Unable to capture opayo transaction - due to an issue in the latest curl library (v7.88.0).


[1.4.51] - 2023-02-15


   - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.6 and PHP 8.1.


   - Recover cart with coupons.

   - Failed payment emails not sending using pi.

   - Repeat charge after partial release.

   - SERVER deferred with Paypal fails incorrectly after creating an invoice with lack of funds.

   - Invoicing a Repeat Order with Defer causes error.


   - Remove 3Dv1 Completely.


[1.4.50] - 2023-01-11


   - Error when call admin controllers and Magento 2FA is enabled.


[1.4.49] - 2023-01-09


   - Icons not showing on Fraud Information in order info.

      - PI redirecting to a 404 screen instead of success when using 3D.

      - On the callback of Pi 3D secure challenge error is not captured.

      - Order not being automatically cancelled when it fails on PI MOTO.

      - PI MOTO does not close the form after payment fails.

      - Validate characters fields before place the order.


      - Improve error message for backend orders.

      - Repeat's VPSTxId field isn't cleared after inserting an invalid one.


[1.4.48] - 2022-11-29


   - Security issue when redirect to callbacks.


[1.4.47] - 2022-10-24


   - Register license button won't work after disabling Magento PayPal module.

      - Old config value for Protocol version set on table core_config_data

      - Orders pending payment when payment is successful


   - Create success message for backend orders

      - Added missing translations


[1.4.46] - 2022-09-05


   - Add event when recover cart.


   - Check if a transaction was successful when cancel an order.


[1.4.45] - 2022-08-17


      - Add new logs to log when an order paid with Opayo changes the status.
      - Put a warning in configuration page to recommend not to use PI without Drop In.
      - Add ebizmarts Payments copy to configuration.

      - The Value DeliveryAddress 1 is too long when using an Integration other than PI Integration.

      - Exception when cancelling order with SERVER (Magento 2.4.4 and php 8.1).
      - PI without DropIn blocks the Place Order button when swapping to a different Payment Method and swapping back to PI.
      - Orders doesn't get created but Transactions go through Opayo.
      - FORM does not load in some checkouts.
      - Update transaction status before cancel order.

[1.4.44] - 2022-07-05


      - Log AcsUrl.
      - Compatibility with Magento captcha.
      - Add the possibility of Removing expired Tokens.
      - We need add COFUsage to the payment integrations to allow repeat transactions.
      - Server configuration option for payment layout.
      - Setting to enable or disable repeat transactions.


      - Send request against vps protocol 4.00 instead use protcol 3.00 and remove protocol 3.00 setting.


      - Error 'Invalid Length: strongCustomerAuthentication.notificationURL' when using PI MOTO and 3Dv2.
      - Error 'Something went wrong: Invalid length: billingAddress.address1' in Checkout when using PI Integration and 3Dv2.
      - Missing column sagepaysuite_fraud_check on sales_payment_transaction table.
      - Avoid passing null to strpos with Magento 2.4.4 and php 8.1.
      - Invalid length: strongCustomerAuthentication.browserLanguage when using Oxford Spelling.
      - Prevent Magento 2 Exception error.
      - Refused to load the image on admin configuration settings.


[1.4.43] - 2022-05-03


   - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4 and php 8.1


   - Magento SOAP API issue.

   - When 3DSecure fails for guests their shipping and billing information is not recovered.


[1.4.42] - 2022-04-06

    Implemented Enhancements

   - Use declarative schema approach in module's etc/db_schema.xml file.

      - Repeat now sends 3Dv2 fields.


   - Register licence button doesn't work when changing default country.

   - PI Integration without DropIn locks the Continue to Paypal button for Paypal Integration.

   - CC Number field has no limit in PI Form.

   - Add a character limit in Credit Card Number and Card Verification Number inputs in PI when dropIn disable.


[1.4.41] - 2022-02-16


   - License registration setting.

      - PI integration multi-shipping checkout compatibility.


   - Wrong transaction id when trying to cancel partial invoiced order.

   - Recover cart not working when payment fails/cancelled.

   - Module not calling checkout_submit_all_after.

   - PI Tokens not working with OSC and FireFox.

      - PI without DropIn locks the Place Order button


[1.4.40] - 2021-07-07


   - Compatibility with FSG.


   - Module not recovering cart when PI 3D fails.

   - Fraud check failing after Opayo update

   - The "ResultInterface" class doesn't exist and the namespace must be specified.


[1.4.39] - 2021-05-25


   - Compatibility with Magento 2.4.2-p1

   - Debug Mode setting

   - Prevent customer personal data from logging setting

   - Show 3rdMan score and score breakdown on order details


   - Ask customers if want to save the credit card when they already have tokens


   - 0.01 difference when you try to invoice PI Defer orders

   - DropIn form not appearing after deleting all tokens on checkout

   - The service interface name "Ebizmarts\SagePaySuite\Model\Token\Get" is invalid.

   - Invoice created successfully in Magento when transaction was aborted

   - PI Authorize and Capture orders not being invoiced

   - Recover cart message appearing in product page after successful order with PI and 3D


[] - 2021-05-13


   - PI with 3D redirect to empty cart after checkout.


[1.4.5] - 2021-02-02


   - Composer installation problem with the requirement of magento/module-vault


[1.4.4] - 2021-02-01


   - Added token with Magento Vault usage on PI with DropIn


   - PI Repeat with 3Dv2

      - Recover cart when session is lost

      - Fraud not being retrieved for non default stores in multi-store setup

      - Verification result not showing

      - Browser IPv6 error on PI

      - BrowserIP and browserColorDepth issue with SCA


[1.4.3] - 2020-11-24


   - 3Dv1 not working with Protocol 4.00 for PI

      - PI refund problem with Multi-Store sites

      - Duplicated Callbacks received for FORM


[1.4.2] - 2020-11-02


   - Fix duplicate 3D callback and duplicate response for threeDSubmit

      - Typo in RecoverCarts.php


[1.4.1] - 2020-10-06


   - Server cancel button now redirects the customer to checkout > shipping methods


   - Added new Order Details fields names in block

   - CSP Whitelisting file

   - Restriction file added

   - PayPal response decrypt issue with PHP7.4

   - PayPal POST data fix

   - Array key exists fix for PHP7.4

   - Quote totals los on cancel


[1.4.0] - 2020-07-29


   - Compatibility with Magento 2.4


   - Sage Pay text and logo changed to Opayo


   - Adapt 3Dv2 to latest updates

   - Duplicated address problem

   - 3D, Address, Postcode and CV2 flags not showing up on the order grid

   - Recover Cart problem when multiple items with same configurable parent

   - Order cancelled when same increment id on different store views

   - Duplicated PI Callbacks received cancel the order

   - Add form validation in PI WITHOUT Form