Changelog Magento 2.1

[10.1.3] - 2024-06-06


   - Opayo Test Domain to CSP whitelist


   - PayPal can't checkout Virtual Products with Force XML Basket enabled

[10.1.2] - 2024-05-24


   - Added challenge issuers to the CSP list for 3D Secure challenge.


   - License not activating on checkout if default scope was not activated

   - Error message not showing on first try using Pi

   - Payment methods using settings from another scope.

[10.1.1] - 2024-01-24


   - Fixed a bug in the phone validation for UK phone numbers

[10.1.0] - 2024-01-19


   - URL Update Compatibility: Ready for the new Elavon and Opayo URL changes.


   - PI integration, page keeps loading at checkout

[1.1.53] - 2023-05-31


   - IPv6 compatibility.


   - Prevent Personal Data Logging doesn't work in Request.log.

   - Gift Message not saving when using a MOTO payment method.

   - Prevent the Submit Order button from firing the event twice with PI MOTO.

   - Orders not automatically Cancelled when Repeat fails in MOTO.


   - Text changes on configuration.


[1.1.52] - 2023-04-25


   - Magento admin notifications.


   - Fraud grid.


   - Match drop in and no drop in labels.


[1.1.51] - 2023-03-15


   - Change Opayo by Elavon on the frontend.


   - Can't create credit note when create invoice after partial release in Opayo dashboard.


[1.1.50] - 2023-02-21


   - Unable to capture opayo transaction - due to an issue in the latest curl library (v7.88.0).


[1.1.49] - 2023-02-15


      - Repeat charge after partial release.

   - SERVER deferred with Paypal fails incorrectly after creating an invoice with lack of funds.

   - Invoicing a Repeat Order with Defer causes error.


   - Remove 3Dv1 Completely.


[1.1.48] - 2023-01-09


      - PI redirecting to a 404 screen instead of success when using 3D.

      - On the callback of Pi 3D secure challenge error is not captured.

      - Order not being automatically cancelled when it fails on PI MOTO.

      - PI MOTO does not close the form after payment fails.


      - Improve error message for backend orders.

      - Repeat's VPSTxId field isn't cleared after inserting an invalid one.


[1.1.47] - 2022-11-29


   - Security issue when redirect to callbacks.


[1.1.46] - 2022-10-24


   - Register license button won't work after disabling Magento PayPal module.

      - Old config value for Protocol version set on table core_config_data


   - Create success message for backend orders

      - Added missing translations


[1.1.45] - 2022-09-05


      - Check if a transaction was successful when cancel an order.


[1.1.44] - 2022-08-17


      - Add ebizmarts Payments copy to configuration.


[1.1.43] - 2022-08-05


      - We need add COFUsage to the payment integrations to allow repeat transactions.

      - Server configuration option for payment layout.

      - Setting to enable or disable repeat transactions.


      - Error 'Something went wrong: Invalid length: billingAddress.address1' in Checkout when using PI Integration and 3Dv2.

   - Invalid length: strongCustomerAuthentication.browserLanguage when using Oxford Spelling.

   - Error 'Invalid Length: strongCustomerAuthentication.notificationURL' when using PI MOTO and 3Dv2.

   - Prevent Magento 2 Exception error.

      - Recover cart not working when payment fails/cancelled.

      - Refused to load the image on admin configuration settings.

      - Place order button not working for Pi Integration.


      - Send request against VPS Protocol 4.00 instead of Protocol 3.00 and remove Protocol 3.00 setting.


[1.1.42] - 2022-04-06

    Implemented Enhancements

      - Repeat now sends 3Dv2 fields.


   - Register licence button doesn't work when changing default country.

   - PI Integration without DropIn locks the Continue to Paypal button for Paypal Integration.

   - CC Number field has no limit in PI Form.

   - Add a character limit in Credit Card Number and Card Verification Number inputs in PI when dropIn disable.


[1.1.41] - 2022-02-16


   - License registration setting.


   - Wrong transaction id when trying to cancel partial invoiced order.

   - Recover cart not working when payment fails/cancelled.

   - Module not calling checkout_submit_all_after.

   - PI Tokens not working with OSC and FireFox.

      - PI without DropIn locks the Place Order button.


[1.1.40] - 2021-07-07


   - Compatibility with FSG.


   - Module not recovering cart when PI 3D fails.

   - Fraud check failing after Opayo update

[1.1.39] - 2021-05-25


   - Debug Mode setting

   - Prevent customer personal data from logging setting

   - Show 3rdMan score and score breakdown on order details


   - PI Authorize and Capture orders not being invoiced

   - Recover cart message appearing in product page after successful order with PI and 3D


[] - 2021-05-13


   - PI with 3D redirect to empty cart after checkout.


[1.1.38] - 2021-02-01


      - PI Repeat with 3Dv2

      - Recover cart when session is lost       

      - Fraud not being retrieved for non default stores in multi-store setup

      - Verification result not showing

      - Browser IPv6 error on PI

      - BrowserIP and browserColorDepth issue with SCA


[1.1.37] - 2020-11-24


   - 3Dv1 not working with Protocol 4.00 for PI

      - PI refund problem with Multi-Store sites

   - Duplicated Callbacks received for FORM


[1.1.36] - 2020-10-30


   - Server cancel payment redirection to checkout shipping method

      - Added new Order Details field names in block


   - Fix PI duplicate 3D callback and duplicate response for threeDSubmit

      - CSP Whitelisting file

      - Restriction file added webRestrictions.xml


[1.1.35] - 2020-07-08


   - Sage Pay text and logo changed to Opayo


   - Adapt 3Dv2 to latest updates

      - Duplicated address problem

      - 3D, Address, Postcode and CV2 flags not showing up on the order grid

      - Recover Cart problem when multiple items with same configurable parent

      - Order cancelled when same increment id on different store views

      - Duplicated PI Callbacks received cancel the order

      - Server not recovering cart when cancel the transaction

      - Add form validation in PI WITHOUT Form


[1.1.34] - 2020-03-23


   - Store SecurityKey in Database when SyncFromApi

      - Enhance cart recovery to avoid orders cancelling when customer multitab and goes to checkout/cart


   - Order not available error with FORM


[1.1.33] - 2020-02-11


   - Look transaction by vendorTxCode if not VPSTxId when SyncFromApi


   - Problem with basket format when using Sage50

   - Error while trying to cancel SERVER Authenticate order


[1.1.32] - 2020-01-02


      - Items being canceled when order take more than 15 minutes

      - Guest order being created with "Guest" as customer name


[1.1.31] - 2019-11-25


   - Show Fraud information on order grid (3D, Post Code, Address, CV2)


   - New PI endpoint


   - Order failing if using special characters on order id prefix

   - Fraud flag showing no flag when 3rd Man and there's no Fraud Rule


   - Encrypt PI Callback URL


[1.1.30] - 2019-10-28

    Fully compatible with SCA and 3Dv2


   - Setting to open 3D verification in new window for PI


   - Sanitize Post Code on PI

   - Remove spaces from paRes


   - Frontend using Default Config values instead of Store values on Frontend

   - Multiple 3D responses problem


[1.1.29] - 2019-10-01


   - PI support for PSD2 and SCA


   - 0.00 cost products breaks PayPal

   - Fix Multi Currency Authenticate invoice using Base Currency amount


[1.1.28] - 2019-08-08


   - Setting to set max token per customer


   - Hide Add New Card when reached max tokens


   - Label and Checkbox from first token being shown when press add new card

   - Send 000 post code when field is left empty for Ireland or Hong Kong (SERVER and FORM)

   - PI always sending 000 post code for Ireland and Hong Kong even if the customer entered a post code

   - Module breaks Sales -> Order when the payment additional information is serialized

   - Multi Currency refunds using Base Currency amount (FORM, SERVER, PayPal)


[1.1.27] - 2019-06-24


      - SERVER and FORM support for PSD2 and SCA


   - Module breaks Sales -> Order

   - Server defer orders not being cancelled on SagePay

   - PI always selected as default payment method on the checkout


[1.1.26] - 2019-05-08


   - Explanation message to order view

   - Add waiting for score and test fraud flags

   - Add CardHolder Name field to PI without DropIn


   - Update to use url for composer config.


   - PI DropIn MOTO problem with multiple storeviews

   - Invoice and Refund problem with multi currency site and base currency

   - Class for 2.1 is not compatible with PHP 5.6

   - Basket Sage50 doesn't send space character


   - PHP restrictions on module for M2.1

   - Remove cc images from the Pi form

[1.1.25] - 2019-03-26


    - On Hold status stop auto-invoice


    - Defer invoice problem with Multi-Store setup

        - Repeat problem with Multi-Store setup

        - Redirect to empty cart fix


    - Remove FORM MOTO


[1.1.24] - 2019-02-11


      - Encrypt callback URL

        - 3D secure iframe alignment on mobile devices


[1.1.23] - 2019-01-07


      - Invoice confirmation email for Authorize and capture

      - Show verification results in payment layout at order details

      - Server low profile smaller modal window


      - Refund problem on multi-currency sites

        - PI without DropIn problem when you enter a wrong CVN

        - Problem with refunds on multi-sites using two vendors

      - Exception thrown when open Fraud report

        - Basket XML constraint fix

        - Magento's sign appearing when click fraud cell


[1.1.22] - 2018-10-18


      - Update translation file strings en_GB.csv

      - Enforce fields length according to Sage Pay rules on Pi integration

        - Disable Multishipping payment methods because they don't work

        - Problems with PayPal basket and special characters


[1.1.21] - 2018-10-03


      - Read module version from composer file


      - Improve error message when transaction fails (SERVER)

      - Repeat deferred invoice error

      - Problem when there is no shipping method. Validate quote befor submit.

      - Orders made with PI DropIn MOTO add +1 on the VendorTxCode

      - Second credit card is not being saved on Server

      - This credit card type is not allowed for this payment method on PI no DropIn

      - Auto-invoice not working

      - Quote not found when STATUS: NOTAUTHED on SERVER


[1.1.20] - 2018-08-22


      - Uninstall database mechanism

      - Terms & Condition server side validation (only for logged in customers)


      - Checkout missing request to payment-information

      - Unable to continue checkout if button "Load secure credit card form" button is pressed before editing the billing address

      - Unable to find quote

      - FORM email confirmation adds &CardHolder next to the shipping phone number


[1.1.19] - 2018-08-06


      - Rounding Issue, order amount mismatch by 1p.

      - Repeat Defered orders with wrong status.

      - Pi Incorrect payment actions.

      - Token breaks checkout.

      - MOTO Tax issue.

      - Sync from API problem with Multi Store setup..

      - Undefined property: stdclass::$status.

      - Token is saved without asking the customer.

      - PayPal sort order not being saved.

      - Hong Kong optional zipcode.

      - BankAuthCode and TxAuthNo is not saved on the DB.


[1.1.18] - 2018-04-06


      - Fraud flags on sales orders grid.


      - Unique Constraint Violation cancelling orders.

      - Form failure StatusDetail inconsistent causes undefined offset.

      - Call to a member function getSagepaysuiteFraudCheck() on boolean.

      - Call to a member function getBillingAddress() on null.

      - Minify exception via xml causes problem with tinymce.

      - Invalid card on Drop-in the load secure from button disappears.

      - Human friendly report api error on admin config.

      - Invalid parameter type when using SOAP API.

      - Japanese currency issue.

      - SagePaySuite breaks Swagger when enabled.

      - Fix bad column name on sagepaysuite_token table.


[1.1.17] - 2018-01-30


      - Fix bad class import on PiRequestManagement.


[1.1.16] - 2018-01-15


      - Split database support out of the box.

      - Parent page already initialised Direct Drop-in.

      - Failed MOTO orders send confirmation email.

      - There was an error with Sage Pay transaction : Notice: Undefined variable: result.

      - Quote id repeated if order is canceled by customer SERVER.

      - Money taken for auto cancelled order.


[1.1.15] - 2017-11-06


      - Fix different vendornames per installation.

      - Direct MOTO Double confirmation email.


[1.1.14] - 2017-09-27


      - Fix FORM transactions not cancelling when in pending_payment state and customer leaves the payment pages.

      - Fix error where if a wrong CVC is entered in PI DropIn you cannot retry.

      - Fix MOTO pricing problem.

      - Fix SERVER integration VendorTxCode null value.

      - Fix Transaction not Found error with DropIn.

      - Fix multiple requests on MOTO orders when changing shipping method.

      - Show correct error in cart instead of Something went wrong: Invalid Sage Pay Response.

      - Clear mini-cart after paypal order.

      - Fix MOTO customer already exists error but payment is taken anyway.

      - Fix paypal callback using wrong total.

      - Fix currency:base problem in frontend.

      - Fix conflict with credit card form dates when other cc payment methods are enabled on frontend.


[1.1.13] - 2017-07-12


      - Partial refunds after partial invoices.

      - Email error when placing 2 different orders on PI.

      - Can't create 2 credit memos for a transaction using PI.

      - Cart still contains items after purchase.

      - DroPin config per store view not working in frontend.

      - Extensions are not reporting support for all required PHP versions in the composer.json.

      - Different billing address button enabled before update the address.

      - Verifypeer set to true by default.


[1.1.12] - 2017-05-05


      - Fix test.param is not a funcion on PI MOTO transactions.


[1.1.11] - 2017-05-04


      - Change wording on configuration settings.

      - Order status for Deferred and Authenticate transactions. Now the initial status is Pending Payment, then it moves to Pending and when the invoice is created it moves to processing.

      - Fix error when creating an invoice "Notice: Undefined property: \Ebizmarts\SagePaySuite\Model\Payment::$_config"

      - Fix for duplicate customer address when checking out as logged in customer.

      - Duplicate payment on failed orders, happens rarely but now those payments are voided when the defect occurs.

      - Error on backend (MOTO) orders with multiple currencies. MultiStore MOTO Payments.

      - Fix postcode error when postcode is not required for the country.

      - Fix for "Notice: Object of class Magento\Framework\ObjectManager\ObjectManager could not be converted to ..." when Magento is in production mode and using Form.


[1.1.10] - 2017-02-07


      - DropIn checkout (SAQ-A) for frontend and backend orders.


      - PI requests migrated to WEBAPIs, this fixes issues on frontend orders with custom options.

      - A lot of refactoring, removing duplicate code.

      - additional_information fraud rules object currupting the row.

      - quoteIdMaskFactory is declared too many times fix.

      - Undefined property: stdClass::$code fix.

      - Division by zero fix on basket.


[1.1.9] - 2016-12-21


      - PI void using instructions/void API.

      - PI refund using own API.

      - Add index on sagepaysuite_token table.


      - Validation is failed. PI transactions go through even if Magento JS validation fails.

      - Uncaught TypeError: Unable to process binding if: hasSsCardType

      - PI on admin lets you enter cc number with spaces.

      - Magento minification minifies PI external files and 404s.

      - Fraud on order view Not enough information. Undefined property: stdClass::$fraudscreenrecommendation.

      - PI integration customer email not sent.


[1.1.8] - 2016-10-28


      - Enable disable form and pi on moto, different config.

      - Add CardHolder to FORM requests for ReD validation.

      - Add index on sagepaysuite_token table.


      - Redirect to Sage Pay on server integration when on mobile.

      - Validate moto order when using pi before submitting to sagepay.

      - Sage Pay Logo loading via HTTPS everywhere now.

      - Sage Pay PI does not show a progress indicator once the place order button is pressed.

      - Don't show "My Saved Credit Cards" link on My Account if not enabled.

      - BasketXML fixes specially for PayPal.

      - Fixed many issues with frontend orders, changed requests to webapis.

      - Fix logo disappearing on checkout.

      - Fix moto order stuck in pending_payment status.

      - Fix cancelled orders in pi frontend when 3D secure is not Authenticated.

      - Specific ACL on admin controllers.

      - Many performance and standards compliance improvements.


      - Remove reference to legacy code Mage::logException.


[1.1.7] - 2016-08-18


      - Coding standards for Magento Marketplace.


      - Basket display issue, decimal places.

      - MOTO customer create account for PI integration fixed.