Installation Guide and Configuration Guide for Magento 1

Installation Guide

Manual Installation:

Configuration Guide

Brief Introduction:

If after installing the extension when you access to the settings of the extension you see the next error:

Please flush the magento cache, then log out and log in again.

At the left corner in the top you will see the option current configuration scope:

There you must select the scope where you want set up the extension, you have 3 scopes, default, website and store views.


Please consider how the scopes and the hierarchy works, the program first check if the store view use an own configuration if it's true the program will use that particular configuration if the store have set [use website], the program will check the configuration settings of the website, if it have an own configuration the program will use that particular configuration if the website have set [use Default] the program will use the configuration settings of the default scope, if the default scope have not the extension enabled even if you have the ecommerce enabled it won't work because in the extension you can choose between enable the list and the ecommerce or only enable the list, but you can't choose enable only the ecommerce, it's because the ecommerce create a store and the extension create a link between the store and the list.

Set up the default scope is useful if you want use the same configuration settings for two or more of your domains (store, list and so on) or if you are using only one domain, if you want use different lists for each domain you should set up each scope (store view or website) with their own configuration settings.

Getting Started:

After you have selected the scope.

6. Select the Mailchimp List in General Subscription to start syncing the Subscribers to the correct List.

In MailChimp for Magento 1 you can choose between enable only the subscribers or enable the subscribers and the ecommerce. If you only want enable the subscribers the set up for the extension is done! If you want enable the ecommerce data too continue with the next steps.

      7. Access to the Ecommerce section in the same scope and enable it. If you have not set the general email address, please set it. Then click on button “Save Config”.

After that the store should start syncing correctly.

If you want set up more than one scope please repeat the steps from the beginning.

8. You can also send the Abandoned Cart Information, for this you will need to have enabled Ecommerce Configuration and then enable Abandoned Cart Configuration. You need both of these enabled for Mailchimp to be able to receive the Abandoned Cart Information.