Installation Guide

Configuration SettingsThis guide is for installing Sage Pay Suite integration for Magento2 which you can purchase HERE.

Installation Instructions
Please note that we highly recommend composer installation.

Composer Installation:


    1. Run this command on Magento's root dir

    composer config repositories.ebizmarts composer

    2. Run this command on Magento's root dir. Contact us to get your access token.

    composer config token your_token

    3. Run this command to get the module.

    composer require ebizmarts/sagepaysuite 

    Note: If is the first module you install via composer probably magento will also ask for Magento authentication keys. You can read 

    how obtain your keys HERE.

    4 Run this command to install the module

    bin/magento setup:upgrade

Please note that you should re-compile your site after you install the module. 

Manual Installation:
  1. Create folder app/code/Ebizmarts/SagePaySuite if not present.
  2. Copy package content you downloaded from our store inside this newly created folder.
  3. Run from command line: bin/magento setup:upgrade
You should now be able to configure the module in the following location: STORES / Configuration / SALES / Payment Methods / Sage Pay Suite