Reporting API

The configuration settings entered here are used for tasks like retrieving fraud scores, getting live information for transactions directly from Sage Pay API and so on.

  • Vendor
    Your Sage Pay vendorname

  • Username
    A valid My Sage Pay username, you can create one just for the API and create users with restricted access

  • Password
    A valid password for the Username entered above.

  • Environment
    Sage Pay TEST or LIVE mode, this must match the me your vendor is set for.

On release 1.1.19 we have introduced the badge system. This transaction flagging system makes it easier for the vendor to know which transactions are failed, okay, suspected fraud or whatever by visiting Sales > Order grid

The shield on the left is for the transaction state, and the one on the right is for fraud. So you might not see the fraud score shield if the score was not updated yet.
The transaction state is saved to database as an ID based on this table

The fraud scores are retrieved from 3rdman api. If you hover on any of both images you will see a legend with more information, for example numeric fraud score.

These shields will get updated automatically every time you browse the Sales > Order grid for the transaction placed within the last 24 hours, for old transactions you can get the update manually by clicking on a button. 

The details will also get updated automatically if magento cron is running, you can switch off the synchronization when loading Sales > Order grid on the module configuration.