• License Key
    A valid license key to enter here, you can use the module in TEST or SIMULATOR mode without issues without having a valid key, a message will show on the frontend, but nothing else will occur. You can get a license key buying the module on

  • Max Token Cards Per customer
    Integer value, for example 10, to limit number of tokens a customer can have on the system, this was created because vendors get charge per token cards number.

  • Enable Logs
    Extension logs, these logs are different than Magento's, with these all REQUESTS to Sage Pay and from Sage Pay will be stored on log files located at MAGENTOROOT/var/log/SagePaySuite/

  • Token Integration
    This setting is just for myaccount, when adding a new card, if server is chosen the iframe will pop up otherwise a standard html form, for direct, will be presented to the customer. This won't affect checkout since on the checkout page you choose the integration, for example if you have enabled DIRECT the customer will be presented with standard direct card form.

  • Vendor
    Global Sage Pay vendorname (Sage Pay unique account identifier) for all frontend (ECOMMERCE) transactions. Please enter in lowercase.

  • Connection Timeout
    Timeout in seconds for cURL wrapper.

  • Timeout error message
    Message to be shown to the customer when the connection cannot be made to Sage Pay gateway

  • Transaction Currency
    This setting controls how the module handles currency and amount when sending to Sage Pay. If BASE is chosen, it will send the base one, otherwise currency will be converted to current store and will send amount and currency code as current store settings, if you are using a currency switcher, not store based currency handling, this will work the same as if the option were Store but for the currency the customer chose.

  • Home Page SagePay logo
    We added a little Sage Pay logo to the homepage right column, you can switch it off with this setting.

  • Notifications
    This is not used currently, it was intended to retrieve news from Ebizmarts custom feed, notify about new module versions, outages, etc.

  • Orphans Notifications
    Switch on and off orphans notifications, orphans are attempts to Sage Pay that are not finished or for some reason the order saving process in Magento failed and the payment has no order in Magento associated.

  • Halt order save
    This is just for debugging purposes, the order will not be saved in Magento and an Exception will be thrown right before saving the order.

  • Halt order save Message
    The message shown to the developer when Halt order save is set to Yes.

  • Send basket contents
    Some customers do not want to send the Basket to SagePay, default is Enable. Whether Basket (order lines) content is sent to Sage Pay

  • Optimize basket for SAGE50
    If set to yes, the basket data, amounts, and lines, are transferred in a way that SAGE50 understands it better.

  • Automatically Fulfill Low Risk Transactions
    This controls an automated task ran but Magento's cron manger that fulfills (invoices) orders automatically based on the rule shown on the Risk Minimum Value config setting. This is used based on The 3rd man recommendations for scores. 
    Below 30 = Low Risk 30 to 49 = Medium Risk 50 and above = High Risk So if you will use this feature, the recommended value is 30 or lower.

  • Send email on automatic invoice?
    When the module is in PAYMENT (Authorise & Capture) mode - this means that the money is taken right away from customers card when the order is processed in Sage Pay -, an invoice is automatically generated in Magento by the Sage Pay Suite module, this flag option lets you choose whether to send the invoice on email or not.

  • Profile requests
    This is just for debugging and finding slow code problems. It saves profile log files in Magento, under MAGENTOROOT/var/log/SagePaySuite/PROFILER, for example you can see all the information for a request when returning from sagepay to the notification url for the SERVER protocol among other things.

  • Autocapture Payment on Checkout
    Automatically capture DEFERRED orders when reaching success confirmation page. This can be useful to only capture customers money once the order is saved in Magento.

  • Sync from API
    Synchronous or Asynchronous, if Async is chosen, when you visit the Sales > Order grid no transactions will be updated, otherwise the transaction visible and placed within the last 24 hours will request data from Sage Pay API