Preparing your Magento

Backup your files and database

Warning: It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module. No responsibility can be taken for any adverse effects it may cause. It is also recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing.

Disable Magento Compilation

Magento extensions should be installed with compilation mode disabled (System -> Tools -> Compilation)

Check if you have your Compilation enabled in your backend: System / Tools / Compilation
If so, please disable it. It needs to be disabled each time you install any extension.
After disabling Compilation, go via FTP and delete all your compiled files within your folder: /includes/src/

Installation via Magento Connect Manager

Get the url of our extension from Magento Connect. 

You will see a blue button “Install Now” you have to click it. Now you have an image called “Get Extension Key”. You need to click “Get Extension Key” and agree to extension license agreement.
After you select agree checkbox and click “Get Extension Key” you will see the Magento extension key right there itself (displayed in the box). You need to paste this extension key in your store’s Magento connect tab.
Copy this Magento extension key.

Go to your Magento Connect in your administration panel

In order to install this Magento community extension into your Magento store you need to login to your store admin panel and go to System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. Magento connect manager will ask you to login again. You need to use your store admin login credentials to get past the login screen. You need to paste the theme “extension key” copied from the And click on “install” button.

Click on “Proceed” and you should see a success result in the console like the one above

Finally click on “Return to Admin”.

To prevent the 404 access denied go to System->Cache Management, you should click on “Flush Cache Storage” button and “Refresh” option in the “All cache” dropdown and click “Submit” button. Log out of admin and back in.

Now in System -> Configuration you are going to see three new tabs (MailChimp, Ebizmarts Abandoned Cart and Mandrill) in the “CUSTOMERS” and in "ADVANCED" groups like the image below.

Enable the Mage Monkey module and insert your MailChimp api key

In order to get your MailChimp api key you have to click on the "Get API Credentials" button.

Immediately a new pop up window will be shown asking for your MailChimp username and password.

Click on "Log In" and your Api Key will be auto generated.

Then just copy the api key (Keep safe) and paste in the "API Key" field of our configuration click on the “Save Config”.

Immediately the window will be reloaded with your Mailchimp account and lists.

That's all, now you have running this module.

Enable the Mandrill module and insert your Mandrill api key

To get your api key from your Mandrill account. You have to go to Settings -> SMTP & API Credentials section.

If you dont have any api key you can click on “New API Key” button and automatically it will be created.
Then just copy this api key (Keep safe) and paste in the configuration of Mandrill in your Magento administration like the image above.

After you insert the api key in the second field of our configuration and enabled the Mandrill module click on the “Save Config”.
Immediately the window will be reloaded with your Mandrill information.

That's All, now you have our extension working!

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