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Fraud configuration

On the Magento 2 module the Fraud auto-invoice feature that exists on the Magento 1 module is implemented differently.
There is no 3rd Man range you can configure. And there are no email notifications sent.

First, set the module payment action to Defer - Authorize only.

To configure auto-invoicing you have to go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Sage Pay Suite > Advanced Settings

The extension will automatically capture the payment (Create the invoice and Release the payment in Sage Pay) via Cron (this means that the Magento cron job should be running and configured properly).

Only orders with Thirdman OK or ReD ACCEPT will be auto-invoiced.

If the result for example is HOLD (3rd Man) the module will do nothing and you will have to manually review and decide whether to invoice those Pending status orders or not.