Changelog (Magento 2.3)

  - Version 1.3.2
    Bug Fixes:
      * Encrypt callback URL
        * 3D secure iframe alignment on mobile devices
        * last_trans_id field on table sales_order_payment truncated to 32, causing error on callbacks

  - Version 1.3.1
    Implemented features:
      Invoice confirmation email for Authorize and capture
    - Implemented enhancements:
      * Server low profile smaller modal window
    Bug Fixes:
      Refund problem on multi-currency sites
        * PI without DropIn problem when you enter a wrong CVN
        * Problem with refunds on multi-sites using two vendors
      * Exception thrown when open Fraud report
        * Basket XML constraint fix
        * Magento's sign appearing when click fraud cell
        * Cancel or Void a Defer order without invoice

  - Version 1.3.0
    - First release with Magento 2.3.0 compatibility.
        - Bug Fixes:
            Magento not running schema updates. Switching to Schema patches.
            New CSRF checks rejecting callbacks