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Integrity constraint violation: Duplicate entry 'XX - General' for key UNQ_EAV_ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_ATTRIBUTE_GROUP_NAME

If you run into this trouble during install, some users arises that were resolved by following any of this posts

Please note, make sure you've a backup your site before doing any change in your db.

AOE Scheduler: Job was running longer than the configured max_running_time

This means that your php value of "max_execution_time" has a low value, you'll need to ask to your host provider to increment this value.

PHP Configuration:

Autoresponder Review: Ensure form is loaded

To ensure that your review form is getting updated by the one from Autoresponder Review email, you can do this quick test.
Take your default review url, it will be something like so:

Take that URL and pass a 'token' parameter with a any value, like:

After that, if you access to it, and look into your HTML source code, the Review form action url will be pointing to something like:

<form action="http://<your_domain>/index.php/review/product/post/id/1/token/XXXX123123XXXXXX/" method="post" id="review-form">

That means that the Autoresponder Review form is being loaded OK