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Modules that caused problems

This module causes problem to SagePaySuite. Once the order is created, the shipping is not added on the total paid.
For example:
Subtotal             £30.99
Shipping            £9.99
Grand Total    £40.98
Total Paid       £30.99
Total Due       £9.99
The order is closed and you can't make another invoice for that due.

When you have this module, once you go to the checkout, select Sage Pay, fill your CC information and confirm the payment. You're redirected to the cart with this error message:
"Your payment was successful but the order was NOT created, please contact us: Order not available."

Yosto modules
The following Yosto modules cause this error: Unable to capture Sage Pay transaction, please use another payment method






There was an error refunding Sage Pay transaction XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX: This parameter requires an integer: amount

Mageplaza OneStepCheckout
This extension with older version than v2.9.5 in Magento 2.3.5, causes PI transactions to lose the customer data making them fail.
With v2.9.5 or newer should work fine.

SwissUpLabs M2 ReCAPTCHA

Ebizmarts Opayo Suite 1.4.5 and Magento 2.4.2

This extension doesn't allow to show the 3D when submit form from checkout. It shows JS errors in the browser console.