- Version 4.2.20:
- Fixed:   * Form losing quote on session #545
           * Multiple callbacks received with FORM. #542
           * browserIP and browserColorDepth issue with SCA #536
           * "Access Denied" error when trying to save module's config #535
           * Repeat with PI on 3DSv2 (Protocol 4.00) #521
           * Duplicate callback received from SagePay #492
- Version 4.2.19:
- Fixed:   * Call to undefined method Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Model_Server_Notify_PreSaveEnable::loadCustomerById()
             * "Cannot match the MD5 Hash" with SERVER + 3DSv2
             * Catalog Price Rules not applied on PI MOTO orders
             * Session quote lost causing PayPal to fail on complete action
             * Customer already exist problem with OSC
- Version 4.2.18:
- Changed:
* Problems loading data from session.
           * Minimum and Maximum total for PI.
- Fixed:   * Order grid status not being updated for SERVER orders.
             * Sometimes PI and Defer requires sync from api in order to be able to create invoice.
             * PI DropIn letting you continue when there's no card.
- Version 4.2.17:
- Changed:
* Create feed for new releases.
           * Remove PI not compatible with OSC message.
           * Orphan transaction: Recover address details from transaction when not available in quote.
           * Direct frontend errors are not displayed.
- Fixed:   * Issue with SERVER MOTO and SUPEE-11314.
             * Payment variable set as a quote.
             * Problems with amounts PI + Drop in and Defer when products have decimals.
             * Cancel orders with "Pending" status when payment is not completed.
           * Server MOTO orders no being refunded when order creation fails.
           * PI - Going back to shipping step on checkout breaks process.
           * Problem with promo codes and SERVER integration.
- Version 4.2.16:
- Changed:
* Server iframe superposition with keyboard on touch devices with Safari "Request desktop website on all websites" setting enabled. 
- Bug Fixes:   * Problem with SERVER integration and virtual products
             * SERVER sending duplicate order confirmation emails
             * PhpSerialize error on checkout when site is compiled
             * Incorrect amounts displayed in order when using other currency
- Version 4.2.15:
        Fully compatible with SCA and 3Dv2 - Changed:
* Remove Load Payment Form button when choosing PI + Drop In payment method  * Cancel button on credit card details return to checkout in stead of cart when possible.
* Remove credit card type field from the PI form - Bug Fixes:   * Problem when recovering Orphan Transactions
             * Token + 3Dv2
             * PI + drop in missing state error on US purchases. Only Magento
             * Conflict between OSC and PI
             * 3dcallback function called multiple times
- Version 4.2.14: - Changed:
* Add 3Dv2 (SCA) support for Direct and PI integrations.  * Change serialize/unserialize entrie with Magento serializer class.
* Avoid calling md5 functions to be compilant with MEQP. - Bug Fixes: * When Invoice for Server order fails status remain as "Processing".
- Version 4.2.13: - Changed:
* Remove BETA from Pi config. * Set Pending as default order status when Defer or Authenticate.
* SERVER and FORM support for PSD2 and SCA. - Bug Fixes: * Missing vpstxid when creating automatic invoice for defer and authenticate transaction. * Update adminhtml Sage Pay create account link. * Session error with message: "An error occurred which prevented the order from saving: Transaction canceled.".
   - Version 4.2.12
       - Bug Fixes:
           * Call to a member function getVisitorData() on null

   - Version 4.2.11
       - Implemented enhancements:
           * Add missing modman files
           * Add the billing/delivery phone number on the 'Orphan Transaction' details page
           * Encrypt callback URL
       - Bug Fixes:
           * Undefined index warning when using PI + Drop In
           * Cron job sagepaysuite_sync_trndata_fromapi runs to often
           * Change the way parent window is redirected when using SERVER, Direct and PI
           * SagePay reporting failure causes order grit to crash when API not available

   - Version 4.2.10:
       - Implemented enhancements:
* PHP 7.2 compatibility - Bug Fixes: * Wrong status for Server MOTO orders with Save Before enabled. * PI without drop in disable continue * Server MOTO orders redirecting to front end * Wrong history for order status when save order before enabled. * SUPEE-10752 breaks checkout * Revert verifications done for MOTO. * MOTO Transaction placed without shipping method. * MOTO Orders are placed without check Billing length * Server MOTO in the backend Telephone 5-Jul-2018 - Version 4.2.9: - Implemented enhancements:
* Drop-in interface for PI - Bug Fixes: * Customer email on Server MOTO * Wrong time on Vendor TX code * Check shipping method before placing the order 18-May-2018 - Version 4.2.8 - Bug Fixes: * Typo clearLogs on system.xml 10-May-2018 - Version 4.2.7 - Implemented enhancements:
* Cancel orders offline * Check billing length on MOTO orders * Removed Authenticate from PI * Clear logs - Bug Fixes: * Wrong time when Daylight saving * Disable token configuration * Order status when using Save order before * Header already sent error * Special characters not showing correctly on Paypal * Payment release on PI Deferred * User is no longer logged in automatically with OSC 30-Jan-2018 - Version 4.2.6 - Bug Fixes: * Wrong new order status on Server 23-Jan-2018 - Version 4.2.5 - Implemented enhancements:
* Client IP * Compatibility with MageMaven * Invalid License message for licenses with spaces * Token configuration - Bug Fixes: * CRYPT_RIJNDAEL constructor warning * Comments not showing on email (Server MOTO) * Removed surcharges support. (SagePay no longer allows this) * Browser back button re-sending email on mobile * Direct is now disabled on code to make the module safer. (WARNING: Contact us if you are using direct) * Wrong first order status 5-Oct-2017 - Version 4.2.4 - Implemented enhancements:
* Token configurations behaviour * Replace mcrypt for phpseclib * Trim license key spaces - Bug Fixes: * Expiry date not saving * Continue not working when token whit some token descriptions * Email wiped from the quote when buying a virtual product using Paypal * Direct not saving transactions * GetUrl with integration code empty 13-Jul-2017 - Version 4.2.3 - Implemented enhancements:
* Compatibility for Master Card 2-series BIN * Index added to the transaction table to increase performance - Bug Fixes: * Updated create account link * Workaround for payment taken after "Please specify shipping method" error * Verify cart consistency was voiding the some unrelated transactions * Payment action setting on SERVER MOTO * Surcharges file was missing from modman 10-Mar-2017 - Version 4.2.2 - Implemented enhancements:
* Circle improvements * Coding standards * Token name validations to avoid adding CC number by mistake - Bug fixes: * Error when logging "Payment has failed" was hiding the error. * Refund error when using Authenticate 10-Mar-2017 - Version 4.2.1 - Implemented enhancements:
* Coding standards 16-Feb-2017 - Version 4.2.0 - Bug fixes: * VPSProtocol and TxAuthNo not being saved resulting on "Error(3096): The VPSProtocol value is required.” * Edit token description on customer side * Order email not showing CC and last four digits * saveAction bug * Hardcoded fraud table name * Form integration not showing correctly on order view. * Typos - Implemented enhancements:
* Allowed countries feature for PayPal integration * New order status feature for Repeat MOTO integration 2-Dic-2016 - Version 4.1.9 - Bug fixes: * Some deferred orders not showing on deferred order grid * Server configs showing when disabled * Security patch - Implemented enhancements:
* New coding standard 12-Oct-2016 - Version 4.1.8 - Implemented enhancements:
* Support link updated to the new ticket system's email * Coding standard * Don't expose admin url on frontend. * Checkout no longer breaks without sandbox.xml * Typo fixes - Bug fixes: * Update ReD status when calling getTransactionDetail via Reporting API. * Workaround for prototype issue causing "Payment has failed error" * Fix class name, it does not work on case-sensitive filesystems. * Fix invalid chars on incide parameters. 22-Aug-2016 - Version 4.1.7 * Improvement: Coding standard improvements 18-Aug-2016 - Version 4.1.6 * Improvement: Removed unreachable code after return statement * Improvement: Ebizmarts store url is now https. * Improvement: str_replace compatibility. * Improvement: Added ReferrerID to PI * Bug fix: Transaction not showing on Orphan list after editing. * Bug fix: Shipping address issue when quote contains only virtual products. * Bug fix: Code injection fix for tokens 12-Jul-2016 - Version 4.1.5 * Bug fix: Recurring error when Save order before was enabled. * Bug fix: MageMonkey issues. * Bug fix: Typo on error helper. * Bug fix: Missing translations on error helper. 18-May-2016 - Version 4.1.4 * Improvement: SERVER with "Save order before" not recovering quote if browser back button clicked during payment pages. * Improvement: Updated syntax on some js scripts to avoid conflicts (thanks Tom Robertshaw for this). * Improvement: Order details in Success URL of SERVER are now optional. * Improvement: Support form now uses default mail client instead of a form. * Improvement: Expiry date in transaction modal better format. * Bug fix: "Save order before" setting in MOTO using frontend config instead. * Bug fix: SERVER MOTO with DEFER and SAVE ORDER BEFORE not completing payment. * Bug fix: "Empty" function error in Sales Observer with some PHP versions. * Bug fix: Token controller now validating customer session. * Bug fix: Item SKU not being correctly parsed on VPTXID view. 10-Mar-2016 - Version 4.1.3 * COMPATIBLE WITH MAGENTO SECURITY PATCHES SUPEE-7405 v1.1. * New Feature: 3D secure rules settings added for SERVER integration. * Improvement: Paypal "processing payment..." page added to avoid white screen during processing. * Improvement: Customer XML failsafe in case bad format or invalid chars. * Bug fix: Can't checkout using store credit in Magento EE if default payment method is Sage Pay. * Bug fix: Surcharges not working as expected with SERVER MOTO. * Bug fix: Added website restrictions to SERVER controller to avoid issues with EE private sales. * Bug fix: Redirecting incorrectly when customer REJECTED by consecutive failures. * Bug fix: Korean currency stopped accepting decimals. * Bug fix: Token saved as customerId 0 if using SERVER and "save order before" is enabled. * Bug fix: Token description not getting saved in customer area using SERVER integration. 21-Jan-2016 - Version 4.1.2 * COMPATIBLE WITH MAGENTO SECURITY PATCHES SUPEE-7405 & SUPEE-7616. * New Feature: SERVER Pre-save order cron configuration to automatically cancel pending payment orders. * Improvement: Don't allow success page to reload session more than once. * Bug fix: CC expiration date not being showed in backend when token is used. * Bug fix: Get shipping method instead of description for virtual product validation. * Bug fix: Cancel pending payment cron trying to void transactions. * Bug fix: Modman file errors. * Bug fix: Main window redirect from iframe issue with DIRECT 3D. * Bug fix: Back button on orphan transaction edit form not working. * Bug fix: Vendorname was being forced to lowercase. * Bug fix: Check that the amounts match error when transaction currency base && currency switcher is used. * Bug fix: MCDEBIT was not validating. 04-Dic-2015 - Version 4.1.1 * New Feature: SERVER now has the possibility to pre-save the order to avoid session lost issues with SSL. * Improvement: Removed email from SERVER MOTO NotificationURL to prevent exceeding the 255 char limit. * Improvement: Added validation to prevent customers from sending the CC number in the CC owner field. * Bug fix: SERVER security vulnerability. * Bug fix: CURL_VERIFY_PEER default to true and fixed some areas where it was not taking the configuration. * Bug fix: ApplyAVSCV2 typo on SERVER integration. * Bug fix: In rare occasions there was a space added to the country code being sent which resulted in a checkout error. * Bug fix: SERVER issues when order saving process taking more than 20 secs. * Bug fix: Invoicing and capturing online for 0 amount no longer allowed. * Bug fix: Force 3D secure on selected card setting not working as expected. * Bug fix: Token list with SERVER still hidden after switching back and forth to the "Add new card/Use saved card". 29-Oct-2015 - Version 4.0.1 * SUPPORT FOR MAGENTO SECURITY PATCH SUPEE-6788. * New Feature: Support for Sage Pay’s New Integration Type PI (Beta). * Bug fix: Original price of items showing as $0 with SERVER MOTO when using discount. * Bug fix: Order comments not working on SERVER with OSC and Magemaven. * Bug fix: Modman breaking local folders. * Bug fix: Token not using AVSCV2 settings. * Improvement: Workaround to prevent landing on empty cart page when using SERVER after order saving delays. 12-Oct-2015 - Version * New Feature: Modman support. * New Feature: Option to use SERVER with 'full redirect' for adding tokens from customer account. * Improvement: Improved stability to avoid un-invoiced orders with SERVER. * Bug fix: Auto-fulfill orders from cron not working properly. * Bug fix: Cancelling a payment on mobile redirecting to a blank screen on mobile. * Bug fix: SERVER integration broken when using multi-shipping after magento security patch. * Bug fix: XML basket not working as expected with guest customers. * Bug fix: Profiler not working on backend. * Bug fix: Repeat MOTO search grid not working as expected. * Bug fix: Prevent invoicing feature not working with SERVER. * Bug fix: Whitelist IP on backend always showing error at the bottom. * Bug fix: RED fraud badge images not showing correctly. * Bug fix: Paypal invalid basket error workaround. * Bug fix: Sage 50 basket sending wrong value if invoice set to "Including Taxes". * Bug fix: Workaround for IE 10 bug when using any iframe. 28-Jul-2015 - Version * Improvement: Support form on backend now using secure connection. * Improvement: Workaround to prevent invoices failing on some orders due to session lost. * Bug fix: Total showing wrong when using multi-currency with SERVER. * Bug fix: Whitelist IP stopped working after routers modification. * Bug fix: SERVER always using saved token if OSC module is being used. * Bug fix: Paypal express force shipping estimate skipped for virtual products. * Bug fix: Multiple error messages on success due to session issues. * Bug fix: Paypal refunds and releases not working properly after magento patches. * Bug fix: OSC causes error when logged in users change their billing address. 08-Jul-2015 - Version * Improvement: Permissions added for backend controllers to fix magento patch issue. 12-Jun-2015 - Version * New Feature: Added config option to prevent automatic invoicing with authorize and capture. * Improvement: IPv6 beta support added. * Improvement: Thirdman cron improved. * Improvement: Minor changes to improve support for some 3rd party checkout modules. * Improvement: Use magento admin router for security, admin controller calls are now hidden. * Improvement: Expired tokens are now deleted on customer login. * Bug fix: Add sales->sagepay->configuration to ACL. * Bug fix: VOID transaction not working in orphan grid. * Bug fix: PayPal checkout button was being rendered even if total was below min order. * Bug fix: PayPal taking DIRECT 'place order status' configuration. * Bug fix: Checkout sidebar payment method section broken on newer php versions. * Bug fix: Typo on sql query affecting new installs. * Bug fix: Token not being saved when using SERVER with SSL after latest Magento patch. 08-Apr-2015 - Version * New Feature: CURL proxy configuration. * New Feature: VendorTxCode prefix can now be configured. * Improvement: API error response no longer generating magento exception * Improvement: Billing state is now sent for all countries, limited to 2 chars to avoid issues. * Bug fix: Send email config not working. * Bug fix: Mass 3rd man check not auto invoicing. * Bug fix: Adding token card through DIRECT on customer area was causing issues if cc details were wrong. * Bug fix: Surcharges block causing minor issues if surcharges are disabled. * Bug fix: Order email not showing CC details in some occasions. * Bug fix: Typo on CustomerId.php. * Bug fix: SERVER MOTO redirecting to frontend on fail. 04-Mar-2015 - Version * New Feature: Paypal improved logos and added functionality to force XML basket. * New Feature: Paypal express now has an option to avoid second review step. * New Feature: Paypal Billing Agreement now supported. * New Feature: Orphan grid improved. * New Feature: Error parser (initial stage). * New Feature: No longer require SID on Frontend. * New Feature: CURLOPT_SSL_VERSION value can now be specified from config. * New Feature: Validate quote now optional. * New Feature: Surcharges module is now separated from suite to avoid possible tax issues. * New Feature: Fraud Information grid can now run 3rd man checks manually and added 3rd man check log. * New Feature: Added a setting for skipping AVSCV2 for overseas orders. * New Feature: DB INDEX created in transactions table to increase FRAUD checks performance. * Improvement: Workaround for security fault on SERVER success. * Improvement: SERVER fail page improved. * Improvement: Modal css corrections to avoid bootstrap conflicts. * Improvement: JsTranslator improved messages. * Bug fix: Customer session lost when using SERVER on Magento 1.9.1+. * Bug fix: Order not being saved if 3d fails and is allowed to fail. * Bug fix: Basket XML format fix. * Bug fix: Tracker generates a warning when accessing config area. * Bug fix: Add card on customer area not working. * Bug fix: Checkout review sidebar showing old CC details after re-selecting Paypal as payment method. * Bug fix: Sweet Tooth support fixed after magento 1.9.1 upgrade. * Bug fix: Log now validates filename for strange chars. 16-Dic-2014 - Version * Improvement: SSL for backend logo images. * Improvement: Paypal express force shipping config option. * Bug fix: Surcharge taxes not working with percent amounts. * Bug fix: Session lost generating "Please specify a shipping method" error after 1.9.1 upgrade. * Bug fix: Remember token script issue. * Bug fix: Euro Payments pending status for orders. * Bug fix: JS bug affecting earlier Magento versions when on one page checkout trying to proceed to payment section. * Bug fix: Safe call to getEdition, it was causing the config page to load a blank page on earlier Magento versions. 12-Nov-2014 - Version 3.0.22 * New feature: Tokens can be assigned a nickname. * New feature: Euro Payments PENDING support (beta). * Improvement: Surcharge enable/disable functionality. * Improvement: Dashboard tab moved to sales->Sage Pay. * Improvement: Added direct link to configuration from sales->Sage Pay tab. * Improvement: Orphan recover functionality made stable, working for all default product types. * Bug fix: Wrong error message displayed on MOTO server payment. * Bug fix: Set default credit card. * Bug fix: Direct MOTO integration wrongly validating accepted card types. * Bug fix: Redirects the user to cart when error in transaction (happening with certain errors). * Bug fix: Some events not being triggered when cards added by DIRECT integration on user panel. * Bug fix: Customer_note_notify not being passed from quote to order due a conflict with our code. * Bug fix: Duplicate tokens on some cases. * Bug fix: Preventing token to be stored on DIRECT and SERVER integrations when some values are repeated. * Bug fix: Parameters in the basket with colon breaking the basket. * Bug fix: Surcharges applied twice on frontend. * Bug fix: Surcharge with DIRECT not working. * Bug fix: IWD support removed as it was causing minor script issues on 3.x version. * Bug fix: Surcharge with TOKENS and DIRECT. * Bug fix: POST request were not being sent as string. * Bug fix: Infinite JS loop when using Sage Pay Suite, One Step Checkout and IE <= 10. * Bug fix: CardType field is required error when using default token with DIRECT. 01-Oct-2014 - Version * Improvement: New Sage Pay logo and style fixes. * Bug fix: Error for GUEST and REGISTER checkout on Magento 1.9+ * Bug fix: Delivery data error on PayPal when using quick checkout button in cart page. * Bug fix: Validation issue with MasterCard Debit. 04-Ago-2014 - Version 3.0.18 * New feature: Configuration setting for cart health check. * New feature: Transaction detail on row click for DIRECT REFUND grid. * New feature: Possibility to delete direct refund from database. * New feature: Adding Master Card Debit compatibility to DIRECT integration. * New feature: Compatibility with new Recurring module. * Improvement: On SERVER frontend transactions sending parameter `Language` based on Magento' locale. * Improvement: Showing Bank Auth. Code on payment information in Magento admin order view. * Improvement: Updating Sage Pay logo. * Improvement: JS issues fixing in checkout. * Improvement: Adding `redirect` 3D layout for DIRECT integration. * Improvement: Check that amounts match before saving the order in Magento. * Improvement: IWD_OnePageCheckout compatibility improvements. * Improvement: New credit card icons, retina display compatible. * Improvement: Checking that transaction and order amounts match before saving the order. * Bug fix: Fixing encode on emails for SERVER backend orders. * Bug fix: utm_nooverride in FORM transactions. * Bug fix: Fixing MD5 signature issues for SERVER backend orders. * Bug fix: Fixing issue when getRemoteAddr() returns more than one IP address. * Bug fix: Creating invoices on Multishipping orders. * Bug fix: Vendorname not set when creating tokens from Customer Edit in Magento backend. * Bug fix: Surcharge fix with taxes issues not being added. * Bug fix: Basket for Sage50 issues with numeric SKUs. * Bug fix: Emails were not sending sometimes on PayPal orders. * Bug fix: On FORM integration, setting `switcher` as Transaction Currency was not being taken into account. 27-Jan-2014 - Version 3.0.16 * New feature: Adding Edit option for transactions, with ACL permission. * New feature: Payment failed emails when a transaction is rejected, with configuration option. * New feature: Discounts on BasketXML. * Improvement: Changin tables storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB. * Improvement: Adding new code on fraud grid to make it faster. * Improvement: Adding ReD shields on orders grid when available. * Improvement: Adding more logging data for FORM transactions. * Improvement: Possibility (as config option) to ignore address validation when saving the order in Magento. * Bug fix: Problems with surcharges. * Bug fix: One Step Checkout, saving feedback entered on checkout step. * Bug fix: Server integration callback urls on multistore setup. * Bug fix: Saving correctly Magemaven order comments. * Bug fix: CV2 value on testing data for AMEX. * Bug fix: On DEFERRED transactions, release issues, was sending repeatdeferred. * Bug fix: PayPal customer issues on callback when creating a new account. * Bug fix: Grand total issue with Server integration and one step checkout modules. * Bug fix: Check for correct permission to show orphan notifications bar in admin. 21-Nov-2013 - Version 3.0.14 * Improvement: Refactoring CRON to retrieve 3rd man scores. * Improvement: Dont update notification feed if Mage_AdminNotification is disabled. * Improvement: Adding $_eventPrefix and $_eventObject to Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Model_Sagepaysuite_Transaction. * Improvement: Different modes for PayPal in frontend, you can use cart button, checkout payment method or both at the same time. * Bug fix: Shield renderer for fraud score was showing green for scrore gte 30. * Bug fix: Surcharge fixes for all integrations. * Bug fix: Token bug fix with session ids starting with numbers. * Bug fix: Token registered with different vendor name not available in store. * Bug fix: MOTO orders with different currency than base. * Bug fix: MOTO orders not sending order email. * Bug fix: MOTO virtual orders. * Bug fix: Ironing bugs on BasketXML. * Bug fix: Correcting typo on Sage Pay Deferred Orders. * Bug fix: IE10 strange issue with comment on JS file in frontend. * Bug fix: MOTO orders issue with payment methods not being sagepay on some browsers. 08-Oct-2013 - Version 3.0.10 * Improvement: Magento CE compatible. * Improvement: Add IgnoreModule on config so Mage_Log does not take it into account * Improvement: Additional logging on SERVER notification controller * Improvement: Default iframe height for SERVER inFrame is now 505px * Improvement: Livepipe libraries upgrade * Bug fix: Fix error in FORM integration, transaction currency setting was not working. * Bug fix: Fix problem on callback when cancelling moto order * Bug fix: Cart contents not sent in TOKEN transactions * Bug fix: Transaction currency issue fix on refund * Bug fix: Fix on sage50 basket * Bug fix: Fix empty value on PayPal callback * Bug fix: Problem with refund on repeatdeferred * Bug fix: Additional logging on SERVER controller and handling INVALID requests properly * Bug fix: Fix error in PayPal via Sage Pay transactions when it fails in Magento 29-Jul-2013 - Version 3.0.8 * New feature: Adding DEFERRED and AUTHENTICATE payment actions for PayPal transactions. * Improvement: Making CRON job for retrieve 3rdman faster. * Improvement: Using REPEATDEFERRED when transaction is DEFERRED instead of REPEAT. * Improvement: Adding configuration option for CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, default is NO. * Improvement: DB layout rewrites only for checkout related problems with JS. * Bug fix: Reserved order id. * Bug fix: Error 4009 (Amount = 0.00) on some situations. * Bug fix: Multiple COMPLETE requests on PayPal transactions with some IE versions. * Bug fix: MOTO orders issue on EE 1.13.x. * Bug fix: Custom fields and loader state fix on MAC checkout with SERVER integration. 04-Jul-2013 - Version 3.0.7 * New feature: Adding DIRECTREFUNDs from Magento. * Improvement: Set default basket format to Sage50 compatible, not BasketXML. * Improvement: Adding help link on Orphans notifications. * Improvement: Fixing direct moto html form format. * Improvement: Hide Customer Cards tab in customer edit in Admin if token is not enabled. * Improvement: CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER set to TRUE. * Improvement: Strip invalid postcode characters before pushing to Sage Pay. * Improvement: Magemaven_OrderComment compatibility. * Improvement: Adding Sage Pay Dashboard link to Admin panel menu in top level. * Bug fix: Double check credentials when checking 3rdman in admin. * Bug fix: Sage Pay Token, _setRequestCurrencyAmount method is not defined. * Bug fix: Currency code is not valid on MOTO orders. * Bug fix: Use AUTHORISE for REPEAT payments when original transaction is AUTHENTICATE. * Bug fix: Dont halt invoice if DEFERRED transaction has expired, just show a message. * Bug fix: Totals and FaxNo in BasketXML * Bug fix: Removing sanitize on shipping method on PaymentController * Bug fix: Redirecting back to cart on PayPal failed transactions. 06-Jun-2013 - Version 3.0.6 * Improvement: Adding Sage50 basket, you can choose in config wether to use Sage50 or BasketXML * Improvement: Magento EE compatibility * Bug fix: Available card types from config on Token FORM in MyAccount * Bug fix: BasketXML bug fixes * Bug fix: Fix on Surcharges * Bug fix: Fixing REPEAT issue with different currencies * Bug fix: Row deletion in token card list in checkout 21-May-2013 - Version * Bug fix: MOTO currency on multi store setup * Bug fix: Disable sending basket contents for all integrations until we fix the BasketXML issue * Bug fix: Token form problem when cancelling token CV2 page * Bug fix: substr issue on recipientAdd2 in BasketXML 29-Apr-2013 - Version 3.0.5 * Improvement: Adding eMailMessage parameter to FORM request. * Improvement: Compatibility [BETA] with IWD_OnePageCheckout * Improvement: Adding support form to system config section. * Improvement: Adding IP details to detail data when retrieving using Admin & Reporting API. * Bug fix: Error in Dashboard with settlements. * Bug fix: Error in Deferred orders grid when using filters. * Bug fix: Encoding strings when creating XML structs to send to Sage Pay * Bug fix: Surcharge undefined index error. * Bug fix: Token issues with 0 customer_id in db * Bug fix: Adding basket error code to retry routine. * Bug fix: Send 2.23 as protocol if MODE is SIMULATOR * Bug fix: Address information data for virtual orders. * Bug fix: RELEASE amount problem when order is in different currency than base. * Bug fix: BasketXML errors. * Bug fix: Postcode not provided fix, we send 000 if not provided. * Bug fix: Surcharge error breaks Sweet Tooth module for example. * Bug fix: Adding try catch block on FORM callback. * Bug fix: Checking ACL to show Orphans notification. 19-Mar-2013 - Version 3.0.4 * Improvement: Use of instanceof instead of get_class to add STATE column on Sales > Orders grid * Improvement: Saving TRNAMOUNT on sagepaysuite_transaction table * Improvement: Adding new feature to fetch transaction data from CRON Async. * Improvement: Change PROFILER logs prefixes to use VendorTxCode if possible. * Bug fix: Change CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST to 2 on Sage Pay Reportin API calls. * Bug fix: Dashboard reports for 30 days timeframe. * Bug fix: Re send request if error received is 3195 or 3021, basket recoverable related errors * Bug fix: Multishipping address amount for SERVER frontend orders. * Bug fix: Order state for initial status, for example for AUTHENTICATE orders. * Bug fix: Fix for FORM integration on some situations Amount sent was 0.00 * Bug fix: Giftmessages on SERVER MOTO integration * Bug fix: Discount problems with SERVER MOTO integration * Bug fix: Surcharge amount on PDFs. * Bug fix: OneStepCheckout feature implemented. Place order on the emails account without the password * Bug fix: OneStepCheckout token stuck. 06-Mar-2013 - Version 3.0.3 * Bug fix: Installation problem fix, error was: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'sagepayreporting_fraud' doesn't exist 04-Mar-2013 - Version 3.0.2 * New feature: Notifications from Ebizmarts site. * New feature: Adding AUTHENTICATE to automatic capture feature. * New feature: Adding data to Dashboard, Settlements. * New feature: Checking Web config for safe transactions and adding notice on config section if not okay. * New feature: Check stock before pushing transaction to Sage Pay. Redirect to cart if not okay. * Improvement: Change grid render names to magento like class path. * Improvement: Change shields score for Orders grid. Some of them are confussing. * Improvement: Adding created_at for all tables and adding new columns to sagepaysuite_action table. * Improvement: Change color for NOTCHECKED on fraud grid. * Improvement: Data validation for new BasketXML field. * Improvement: Adding additional data for AUTHORISE payments on admin. * Bug fix: Promo on admin orders. * Bug fix: Token not created on SERVER integration with Multiple Address Checkout. * Bug fix: Currency and amount problem on automatic authorise with different currency than base. * Bug fix: Fix for notice on CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST * Bug fix: Adding basket for FORM post data. * Bug fix: Token bug on OSC. 13-Feb-2013 - Version 3.0.0      * New feature: Dashboard with graphs showing last transactions within 1 to 30 days. * New feature: Removal of token feature for GUEST checkout. * New feature: MOTO configuration for Admin & Access API. * New feature: Added store switcher for Admin & Reporting API operations. Allowing to use credentials for API per store. * New feature: Added most error messages to translation files * New feature: Added transalation files for Deutsch and Spanish. * New feature: Adding renderer for order increment id on grids. * New feature: Adding renderer for customer name on grids. * New feature: Adding renderer for tx state id (system status) on grids. * New feature: Adding surcharges configuration from Magento. * New feature: Added System status to Orphans grid. * New feature: Added full redirection to Sage Pay for SERVER integration (frontend) specially for European Payments. * New feature: Changed Sage Pay protocol to new version 3.00 * New feature: Implemented BasketXML. A more flexible version of the current basket field which can be used instead of the basket field. * New feature: Implemented CustomerXML. This can be used to supply information on the customer for purposes such as fraud screening. * New feature: Implemented SurchargeXML. Use this field to override current surcharge settings in "My Sage Pay" for the current transaction. Percentage and fixed amount surcharges can be set for different payment types. * New feature: Tokens are now created off transaction not before posting transaction. * New feature: Adding ReD response to transaction. * Improvement: Token cards are registered alongside transaction now. * Improvement: Tokens available for select when creating order with SERVER MOTO. * Improvement: Checking for valid shipping method when posting order. * Improvement: Implemented new, more secure encryption of data for FORM integration. * Improvement: Adding ContactNumber to SERVER post data. * Improvement: Adding CardHolder name to transaction data when sync from API. * Improvement: Improvements for better mobile experience. * Bug fix: Invoice not being voided when amount is equal to Grand Total. * Bug fix: Added several translation strings to CSV translation files. * Bug fix: Fixed amount on invoices when currency is different to base. * Bug fix: Fixed error when refunding whole transaction, void was not being processed due to calculation issue. * Bug fix: Invoice issues with Multiple Address Checkout. * Bug fix: Token issues, currency and txtype not being saved on token transactions. * Bug fix: Changing SWITCH (Maestro UK) card logo to Maestro International logo. 30-Nov-2012     - Version * Improvement: Using Magento's core roundPrice function to round amounts instead of number_format. * Improvement: Adding customer email to contact number in CustomerContactInfo on local storage. * Improvement: Setting autocomplete="off" on cc forms. * Bug fix: Undefined object on SagePayReporting cron. * Bug fix: Token bugs on transactions without payment details, wrong token selected when using OSC. * Bug fix: Refund issue for transactions not placed in base currency. * Bug fix: Multiple refunds on authenticate transactions, it was always taking into account latest transaction. * Bug fix: Amount missmatch when using SERVER integration. * Bug fix: Restoring OSC loading object when 3D secure window is closed. 17-Oct-2012 - Version * New feature: Dispatching 2 events, one for config data loading and another one when a transaction is saved in Magento. * Bug fix: Typo on word "ocurred". * Bug fix: The module does not use DateTime::diff anymore to avoid servers without PHP 5.3 * Bug fix: 3D data saved to database, not session. * Bug fix: Changing the way we call the cache store, it was not a good approach. * Bug fix: Removing basket sending on PayPal transactions to avoid issues. * Bug fix: Fixing Store Currency option for SERVER integration, it was not working at all. * Bug fix: Deleting a token card from local storage if SagePay returns error 4057 when trying to delete. 17-Sep-2012 - Version 1.1.19 * New feature: SAGE50 support for basket lines. * New feature: Api synchronization, see * Bug fix: When compilation is on, other payment methods fail. * Bug fix: MOTO vendorname not taken into account. * Bug fix: Orders partially released were voided if canceled. * Bug fix: Adding ApplyAVSCV2 on TOKEN transactions. * Bug fix: FORM integration store scope fields were not visible. 24-Ago-2012 - Version 1.1.17 * New Feature: Order editing support. * New Feature: Mass delete for token cards on admin panel * New Feature: Possibility to switch between LOW and NORMAL template profiles in SERVER and SERVER MOTO integrations. * New Feature: Extending Magento core API (SOAP/XMLRPC), available calls are: sage_pay_transaction.list, (by vpstxid), sage_pay_reporting.fraud_detail, (information directly from Sage Pay Reporting API) * Adding orphans on various payment stages so the administrator is notified for example if card was not authed. * Sanitize post data to avoid xss attacks * Adding Android and BlackBerry user-agent to detection to fix modal box issue * Fixing bug on PayPal description, empty on some ocassions. * Fixed bug on automatic thirdman score updates for old orders. * Fixed performance issues on backend and database * Fixing bug with REGISTER and GUEST token cards on some scenarios. * Fixed not sent email when using DIRECT and 3D. * Fixed bug on SERVER MOTO related to Original Price being 0.00 23-Jul-2012 - Version 1.1.15 * Fixing redirection issue in SERVER integration * Adding Currency Switcher support for Transaction Currency * Fixing EUR symbol in cart * Removing condition on email sending on DIRECT protocol, causes issues when reverse proxies are in place * OneStepCheckout GiftMessage adding * Shorting MOTO orders urls for SERVER inframe protocol * Fix issue when REPEATing FORM transaction * Fixing price on basket * Fixing issue where REPEAT urls where not reacheable when repeating a FORM transaction 13-Jun-2012 - Version 1.1.13 * Adding PayPal description * Adding support link to config 07-May-2012 - Version 1.1.11 * Fixed bug with YEN currency * Fix bug on validateQuote for MultiShipping * Compatibility with Magento EE 1.12 and CE 16-April-2012 - Version 1.1.9 * Fixed bug when saving Edit Order with any payment method * Fixing bug with FORM protocol on additional operations such as abort * Fixing but in token transactions for MOTO orders * Validating quote before sending transaction to Sage Pay * Fixing doulbe email failed payments on SERVER integration * Adding 'order_status' config setting for PayPal integration * Fixing FORM bug when using OSC and Sage Pay returns an error 24-Feb-2012 - Version 1.1.7 * Payment System details on Transaction Details (API) * Fixing error on SERVER integration (cant delete token card) * Fixing typo "orfans" * Add PaymentSystemDetails and ECI value to transaction data (From API) * Fixing OSC compatibility issues with Shipping Address * Adding square brackets on SKU items on Basket * Fixing REFUND error when refunding order TOTAL * Change deletquote to set it as notactive instead of deleting 04-Jan-2011 - Version 1.1.5 * Fix token issue with CV2 when default token is loaded (happens because of radiobutton enabling payment method JS stuff) * Fix for error 3021 on Basket for Bundle items * Fix amount sent on Multiple address checkout with DIRECT integration * Added product options to Sage Pay Basket field * Reset OSC button and loading spinner for SERVER integration when transaction fails for whatever reason * Validate quote object before sending transaction to Sage Pay, mostly to fix OSC related issues * Fixed OrderCurrency code on Basket field when in STORE scope * Check for duplicates before reserving order id * Perform a VOID operation if refunding full order amount * Fix issue when REPEAT payments fail that creates order with no payment details * Added Deferred-Capture option, automatically RELEASES a DEFERRED transaction when reached the SUCCESS page * Do not import PAYPAL callback shipping details if AddressStatus is NONE to prevent errors when completing transaction * Adding possibility to Invoice FORM integration orders to RELEASE or AUTHORISE transactions from Magento backend * Fixing data issues not saved when registering Token Card * Show correct currency code on Refunds grid 11-Nov-2011 - Version 1.1.3 * Fix OSC issue when logged in customer checksout with new address * Showing PayPal additional information on order view page ADMIN * PayPal method title on checkout radiobutton title fix * Fix TOKEN issue on Magento 1.5+ * PayPal express fix for AddressStatus = NONE * Check for existing email on MOTO orders SERVER * Fixing PostCode for Ireland addresses on DIRECT integration * Token cards in customer edit tab and availability to add token from admin panel * Truncate basket field to max allowed by sagepay * Fixed JS error on iphone/ipod touch with lightbox * OSC disabled button fix, need to edit OSC template to change variable scope * REPEAT payments for ADMIN * Requests PROFILER 06-Oct-2011 - Version 1.1.1 * Fix thirdman id error on backend. * Fix secure URL on frontend * Invoice order email config option * Adding vendor_email to FORM integration 03-Oct-2011 - Version 1.1.0 * Fix backend create order form validation * Adding DELETE options on transactions listed under Sales - SagePay - Payment Transactions * Magento EE 1.11 compatibility * Send invoice email when creating it automatically (PAYMENT) * Fix virtual order FORM integration * Adding 3D Secure column to fraud information grid * Fixing data issues on "Sage Pay Fraud Information" * Adding "sort order" to PayPal integration * Option to save token card or not 24-Aug-2011 - Version 1.0.37 * Fix REGISTER TOKEN currency in checkout * Fix IE bug on window.js * Adding required-entry class for cv2 and cc number for direct form (OSC issue) * Fix DIRECT 3D payment not creating invoice if on PAYMENT mode * Fixed TOKEN issue with CV2 when registering token * Magento CE 1.6 compatibility * Fix for PayPal and FORM on OSC 02-Aug-2011 - Version 1.0.36 * Fix street2 import on PayPal payments * SERVER protocol RemoteIpFix * FORM fix on OSC * Fixing overflow auto on IE8 3D lightbox * Fix INVOICE order on Downloadable cart * FORM adding SendEMail flag * Fixing BASKET display on transaction detail * Correct bug on SERVER protocol DeliveryState when cart is VIRTUAL 12-Jul-2011 - Version 1.0.35 * PayPal email title correction * Fix admin log viewer error if no SagePaySuite log dir exist * Fix token card delete error when on HTTPS * Fix MOTO multiple vendors on multiple websites error * PayPal register customer implementation * Hide issue number and start date upon form show if no card is selected * Fix trhirdman id error on order view 24-Jun-2011 - Version 1.0.34 * Correcting typos on system.xml * PayPal import ISO-8859-15 encoded chars fix * SagePayReporting 3rdman CRON fix * SERVER when cancelling order if message is blank, don't show alert box * Fix MAC bug when no token is enabled * PayPal fix redirection urls bug * PayPal title fix show correct method title on emails, backend, etc. * Added 3rdman breakdown 07-Jun-2011 - Version 1.0.33 * Adding check to not break API calls on sagepay orders not placed with suite. * Fix MOTO SERVER long url * Added checking for Idev_OneStepCheckout module when importing OSC information to quote 30-May-2011 - Version 1.0.32 * PayPal bugfix for currency on completing order. * Changing orphans row click to view sagepay detail. * PayPal secure url fix on review post. * PayPal don't check for shipping estimate on checkout button 26-May-2011 - Version 1.0.31 * PayPal bugfix for incheckout, billing address was overwritten. 24-May-2011 - Version 1.0.30 * PayPal incheckout sending customer billing and shipping address * Bug fix on authorises request, was not saving amount * Bug fix on get transaction details for related transactions such as AUTHORISES * Adding icons for NOTMATCHED, OK, NOTCHECKED, etc. flags 16-May-2011 - Version 1.0.29 * Reward points for Enterprise edition, SERVER integration bug fix. * Bug fix on PaymentController when compilation enabled. * Bug fix on 3D secure lightbox on IE7 and below. 09-May-2011 - Version 1.0.28 * Added specific payment information template for PDF printing in admin panel.