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How it works

When a Cart is considered as Abandoned?

By default, Magento consider as Abandoned Cart to those who have products were entered by a logged Customer, MageMonkey Abandoned Cart extends that concept including Guest Customers. The only requirement is that Guests needs to have passed the Step 1 of Checkout.

This means that if a Guest adds products to the Cart, goes to Checkout to complete the Order and, for some reason the Order wasn’t complete, that Cart can be rescued if the Guest passed the Step 1.

In which two scenarios Carts can be detected by the Module?

When a Customer adds products to their Carts and leave the site.
When a Guest adds products to their Carts, starts the Checkout and pass at least the Step 1. If Guest never goes to the Checkout, that Cart can’t be retrieved.
When a Guest enters the email address on Email Catcher popup and then abandons a cart.