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Important! You need to have your Magento Cron running and to have Mandrill enabled.

Check here for Mandrill module information.

Please note you need to configure your cron for Abandoned Cart to work.
Click the following link to see how to do this: How can I configure Magento cron jobs?

Config settings
Abandoned Cart config

Enabled: Enable or disable the module.

First Date: Date in which an abandoned cart will be processed for the module. If you have abandoned carts previous this date those will be omitted.

You can configure the sender of the emails of Abandoned Carts.
This is based on what you’ve configured in System -> Configuration -> General -> Store Email Addresses.

Redirect page: the CMS page to redirect the customer when click on the email url, you can redirect to any cms page or to the cart page.

Madrill Tag: Type the Mandrill tag you want to use for abandoned carts emails, this is to filter this emails for statistical purposes.

Max number of email to send: Send up to 5 emails to recover an abandoned cart.

Email Subject: The subject of each email to send can be configured.

Email Template: By default the first 3 email templates are configured according studies on best abandoned cart management. If you want to edit it you should go to System -> Transactional Emails.

Send email after: In the first email you can set this field to be days or hours, on the rest this refers to the amount of days to wait until the email get sent. This is always since the moment when the cart was originally abandoned. Needs to be equal or greater than 1.

Unit: You can choose if you want to send the first email after a few Hours or send it after a few Days. Depending on this value the Send email after from the first email will be taken as days or hours. Needs to be equal or greater than 1.

Customer Groups: Segmentation by Customer Group. You can choose the kind of customers you want to send the abandoned cart email. By default there's no Customer Groups selected so ensure you have at least one so the email it's sent

Auto Login link: if you enable this option, when the customer click on the email link to see the cart, if it's a registered customer, the extension will set it as logged in.