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Email Templates

Abandoned Cart comes with the Abandoned Cart Mails created by default as all Magento Email templates.
It's the same for coupon email.

Personalize the Email Template

If you want to customize the email template you can do it from System -> Transactional Emails. For more information read here.
Click on "Add New Template" and load the Abandoned Cart Mail template. Make all the customizations you want.

Finally go to our Abandoned Cart settings page and change the template to the one you just created (System -> Configuration -> Ebizmarts Abandoned Cart)

The coupon and discount data is added depending on what is written inside the following tags:

{{depend couponcode}} -> This starts the section that will be showed only if coupon is set for that email.
{{depend discount}} -> The text after this tag will only show up if the coupon's label is "discount:".
{{/depend}} -> This tag tells Magento that the section of the last depend tag opened is finished. Every depend tag (couponcode or discount) must be closed.
{{var couponcode}} -> This will display the code of the coupon to insert on the cart.

         {{depend couponcode}}
                  <br>You can use this coupon code <b>{{var couponcode}}</b>
          {{depend discount}}
                   and obtain a discount of {{var discount}} only until {{var todate}}