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Email catcher

Please note that to get this feature working you need to enable Abandoned Cart module.

Email Catcher

Catch Email On Popup: Set a popup window to catch customer email on any page the first times he access the site.

Popup Heading: Set popup title.

Popup Message: Set display message.

Popup Width: Set the width for popup (This is a % of the window width).

Popup Height: Set the height for popup (This is a % of the window height).

Subscribe Customer: Set if customer will be subscribed to your newsletter.

Customer can close Popup: Set if customer can close popup. If set to "No" it will force it to enter an email.

When popup cancelled show again after: Set amount of days to show popup again.

Limit of times popup will get shown: If customer closes popup, each time he/she loads a page of the store, the popup will show up again as many times as configured here.

Create Coupon?: Send an email with a coupon to all customers that register via Email Cathcer Popup.

Coupon mail Mandrill tag: Type the Mandrill tag you want to use for this email, this is to filter it for statistical purposes.

Coupon mail subject: Type email subject.

Coupon email template: Select email template.

Option: You have two options here. Automatic: You can add a coupon automatically or Specific: You can use an existing coupon. In this case you won't have the options below and you will require to add the coupon code in the Coupon Code field.

Expires On: Expressed in days. Amount of days that Coupon will be available. After this days, Coupon will no longer be available and will expire.

Coupon Length: Length of characters of the Coupon code.

Discount Type: You can choose to set a Fixed amount or a Percentage type of discount to apply to the Cart Total.

Discount Amount: Expressed as a number. Indicates the amount of discount to be applied by the Coupon.
If you assign 50 in this field and you choose Fixed amount, the Coupon will give a $50 discount. If you selected Percentage as a type, it will apply a 50% discount to the Cart Total.

Label for Coupon: Label to display in Checkout when Customer applies the Coupon.