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Coupon Code


Create Coupon: Enable or Disable automatic Coupon creation.

On Email Number: Indicates on which email number the Coupon is created and send.
It will take the value Max number of Emails to send configured as a total. For ex. If you choose 10 as Max number of Emails to send and you enter 3 in this field, coupon will be generated on the third email.

Option: You have two options here. Automatic: You can add a coupon automatically or Specific: You can use an existing coupon. In this case you won't have the options below and you will require to add the coupon code in the
Coupon Code field.

Expires On:
Expressed in days. Amount of days that Coupon will be available. After this days, Coupon will no longer be available and will expire.

Coupon Length: Length of characters of the Coupon code.

Discount Type: You can choose to set a Fixed amount or a Percentage type of discount to apply to the Cart Total.

Discount Amount: Expressed as a number. Indicates the amount of discount to be applied by the Coupon.
If you assign 50 in this field and you choose Fixed amount, the Coupon will give a $50 discount. If you selected Percentage as a type, it will apply a 50% discount to the Cart Total.

Label for Coupon: Label to display in Checkout when Customer applies the Coupon.